8 Tips When Bringing Your Dog to a Cookout

There is nothing quite like a summer cookout with your dog. The warm air, the freshly grilled foods and even water can make a great day full of fun memories. This is why many people love to bring their dogs with them to a cookout. If you plan on taking your dog with you to a cookout this year then here are a few dog safety tips you should keep in mind.


Use a Leash

If you are at a park, then most will require your dog to be leashed. If you are at a person’s home then you may still want to keep your dog leashed. This will keep them from getting into things they shouldn’t and allow you to keep track of them at all times.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you are the one hosting the cookout then you will want to think about asking for help when it comes time to grill. Your dog should not be around the grill as they can get hurt or even cause safety issues if they knock over the grill. If it means better dog safety don’t be afraid to ask. Most people don’t mind helping.


Keep Citronella Out of Reach of Dogs

Citronella is toxic to dogs so while you want to keep the mosquitos at bay, you should also make sure that the citronella is out of the way of your dog.


Don’t Get Your Dog Drunk

Some people think it is funny to give their pets alcohol. They figure they enjoy the feeling, so their dog must as well. Even if your dog does enjoy this, it is not conducive to dog safety because it can cause serious health issues for your dog.


Watch the Foods Your Dog Gets

When you have a cookout generally people will want to feed your dog. Having a small snack here or there isn’t bad for your dog as long as it is dog safe food. However, you want to be aware of how much your dog is being fed and what so you can ensure this does not cause any issues.


Watch Children with Your Pet

Another important aspect of dog safety is to watch children around your dog. Even if your dog is typically good around children this can still be an issue. Make sure you ensure they are playing nice with your dog just as your dog plays nice with them.


Your Dog May Need a Break

If you notice your dog being apprehensive, or seeming on edge, then it is time to take them inside and find a quiet place for them to relax. This is important because anxiety with dogs is a real thing and something you should take seriously.


Make Sure Any Products You Use are Pet Safe

You may want to put sunblock on your pup or even an insect repellent. However, before you lather your dog, you should make sure the product is safe for pets. For optimal dog safety, make sure it is a product intended for pets, not just one that the internet says will be fine for your pet.

Alternatives to Leaving Your Dog in a Car This Summer

By now, we all know you shouldn’t leave your dog in the car. The temperature inside the car can escalate quickly and become fatal to your dog. Some people feel like they have no other alternative when they are out and about with their dog. If you feel like this, then you should know that there are are some alternatives for dog safety rather than leaving your pet in the car.

Take the Drive Thru

This is great for people who plan to go to get something to eat. Rather than just leaving your pet in the car, take the drive thru. This will allow you to get the food you want- and maybe even something for your dog- without having to leave them in the hot car.

Use the Buddy System

If you like to take your dog with you while you run errands, you can’t just leave your dog in a car while you do so. The alternative here for dog safety is to bring a friend along with you. This way you can either leave the car running with the air on while they keep your pet entertained and watch the vehicle or they can play with them outside while you are taking care of the errands.

Shop Pet Friendly Store

You should find out which of the stores you frequent are pet friendly. It may surprise you how many there really are. This is great because you can get the chance to take your dog with you into the store. It can be an adventure for both of you.

Consider Dog Friendly Restaurants

So maybe the drive thru simply won’t cut it. You may be craving a food that is more than just hamburgers and fries. Or perhaps you just don’t want to eat in the car. Either way, you will find that a dog friendly restaurant can be the solution to this. Just make sure you know what the restaurants policies are in regards to pets.

Pet Safety Considerations During Heat Waves

The heat is hard for people and just as difficult for your dog. Just as you can suffer a heat stroke so can your dog. This is why it is important to know how you can beat the summer heat and keep pet safety at the forefront of your plans.


Provide Plenty of Water

The first and most important thing to do when you are outside with your pet is to give them extra water. This is important because the heat will dehydrate a dog just as fast as a person. Just as you need to drink extra water, especially if you are active or out in the sun.


Have Several Ways for Your Dog to Cool Off

Being able to cool down is imperative to pet safety. You need to give your dog several ways to do this. Adding ice cubes to their water or freezing a Kong Ball with peanut butter inside are great options. Having fans and shade are also important.


Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car

Leaving a pet or child in the car is not only dangerous, it’s illegal. This is because within just a couple minutes the temperature can soar to dangerous temperatures. Even if you leave the windows cracked, the heat will continue to build. This is why you should leave your pet at home or use various alternatives. Even leaving them alone with the air  conditioning on is not good for pet safety as there are other issues that can arise.


Walk at the Right Time

Another great way to beat the heat wave and keep pet safety in mind is to walk when the weather is not so bad. This means take walks earlier in the morning and later at night. Sure your dog may need to relieve themselves before this but make this a quick trip and save the longer walks for when it is not so hot.


Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside

Sure dogs love to be outside and depending on the year this may not be a bad thing. However, when the weather is hot you do not want to leave them outside for extended periods of time by themselves as they can overheat, even if there is plenty of shade in your backyard.


Know the Barefoot Rule

The barefoot rule is that if the sidewalk is too hot for you to walk on barefoot, then it is too hot for your pet’s paws. The alternatives for pet safety here are to either keep your pet in the grass where it is not so hot or put your dog in shoes.

How to Protect Your Dog From Water Hazards

The weather across the country at the moment is hot and miserable. This makes it the perfect time to jump in the water to cool off. There are many people who enjoy getting their dogs involved in their water activities which is a lot of fun. However, there are some water hazards you should be aware of with your dog.


Water Toxicity

Many people do not realize that dogs can get water toxicosis from drinking in too much water. This can happen with just about any water activity, from swimming, diving or even playing in the sprinklers. The signs of water toxicity include:


  • Vomiting
  • Seeming lethargic
  • Wobbling while walking


If you notice these symptoms, have your dog take a break from the water until their body can catch up and recover before you let them back in the water.


Life Jackets are a Must

There is a common misconception that dogs know how to swim, or at least doggie paddle. The truth is that while some breeds are natural swimmers not all dogs can swim. Along with this, dogs get tired just as people do. Your dog may not stop when they get tired which can put them in danger. To keep pet safety in mind, put your dog in a life jacket, especially if you are out on the water. Keep in mind that canoeing and rafting can cause your dog to fall out and the life jacket will protect them.


Know About Toxic Algae

This has been an issue in various parts of the country and is an issue with pet safety as well as people safety. As the name implies this is toxic and should be avoided at all costs. It is most prevalent in shallow waters This is why you need to keep your dog away from stagnant waters. Other signs include foam, green appearance and a musty smell. If your dog has been exposed to water like this then you need to get them to the vet right away.  

Look How Happy These Dogs are Playing at the Beach

Who doesn’t love dog videos? We love them and know most pet parents do as well. This is why we decided to find our favorite videos of dogs at the beach to celebrate the summer (because what says summer fun more than a trip to the beach?).


The Play Date

These dogs seem to be having the time of their life playing in the shallow water at the beach together. If you have a beach nearby, consider a group outing with other pet parents to the dog beach.



A Family Outing

This short video shows this family having fun with their two dogs. They run and play and frolic. There are even parts from the dog’s point of view which are fun.


Dog’s  First Trip to the Beach

There is something about watching a dog experience things for the first time. Jake the dog doesn’t disappoint with his first trip to the beach.


The Lime Reaction

This dog reaction is great. The poor boxer decides he wants to try a lime. What makes it funnier is he keeps going back to his lime in the sand.



The Compilation Video

While we usually don’t show compilation videos these are a lot of fun