Dog Spa Treatments


Our favorite furry friends experience the world through their noses. Let us provide your favorite family member with a relaxing and stimulating aromatherapy treatment guaranteed to calm your pup and turn that doggie frown upside down.


The harder they play, the faster they hurt. That’s why at Splash and Dash we provide your pup with the same high quality effervescent healing that you can get at your local spa.

We know you’ll do anything to make your dog feel comfortable, happy, and free from pain. Let us help!


Let’s face it, their teen years can be even more brutal than our own! Now you can help. Let our caring and trained groomers provide your pup with a cleansing facial, so your furry family member can stay confident, fresh, and blemish-free!

Like all our dog spa treatments, our groomers use only the best human-grade ingredients on each and every dog we serve. That’s just one small way we ensure that your dog always leaves happier and healthier than when they came.

DeShed Service

You’d never think about forcing them outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to keep the house clean during shedding season. We’re here to help.

Let our highly trained and experienced groomers provide your dog with a top-quality DeShedding treatment, so that your pup can do more playing while you do less cleaning.

Nourish Conditioning

You do all you can to protect and nourish your skin. We believe your pup deserves the same careful treatment, so that their fur always remains healthy, shiny, and soft.

Bring your dog in to experience nourish conditioning, a unique human-quality fur treatment that’s perfect for helping your dog look and feel their best.