Unlimited Dog Bathing & Brushing

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per month

Treating Your Dogs is Treating Yourself!

This happens all the time and IT STINKS!

You just took your pup for her monthly spa day – including bath, trim, nails, glands, brushing, and bows – and what’s the first thing she decides to do? Play in the mud, of course! Argh!

Or maybe you spent a solid hour bending over straining your back, while bathing Fido and within 10 minutes he’s already rolled in something that smells like you know what. Yuck!

For pet parents like you, bath time almost always, spells disaster. Keeping your dog clean, brushed, and smelling great is a never-ending hassle, that many times just leaves you frustrated! It likely leaves you broke too, if you constantly find yourself going to your groomer!

Fortunately, there’s good news:

You’re about to uncover the secret to a doggy that’s clean, happy, and fresh smelling 24/7 – for a tiny fraction of what you’d pay at any other grooming shop!


The Affordable, Hassle-Free Way to Keep Your Dog Clean and Fresh Week after Week!

Splash and Dash for Dogs™ is an UNLIMITED Monthly Bath program that provides the necessary maintenance in between full grooming appointments. You can bring your dog in as many times as you want or need, in any given month for a full bath, dry and brush out – all for one low monthly payment, starting as low as $39.95.

Benefits are many, such as:

  • Having a Clean and fresh smelling dog all of the time.
  • Having a Clean and fresh smelling house all of the time.
  • No more painful matting and a lot less shedding!


  • No Long Term contracts, Cancel Anytime! (just give us 30 day notice)
  • UNLIMITED Bathing means potentially UNLIMITED Savings!
  • Save EVEN MORE Money: Your membership entitles you to VIP pricing on many small services!
  • PLUS: a 10% discount towards all of your future full grooming appointments!

We know you want your K-9 kid to be cute and clean all of the time, however, your dog just wants to play, roll and dig in the dirt! Let the Splash and Dash Unlimited Bath Membership make you both happy!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it!

See for yourself why other pet parents LOVE Splash and Dash!


How It Works

Select the Size of Your Dog

Pick from Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, and you’ll get unlimited baths and brushing done for you all for one low monthly price!

Schedule an Appointment

You pick a time and day that works best for you, and our skilled, caring and passionate team will give your baby the royal treatment with our signature bath and brush!

Repeat as Often as Needed

Come back in as many times as you want throughout the month so your dog is always Fresh & Clean no matter how much playtime he or she gets!

Splash and Dash for Dogs is the ultimate secret to a happier dog and a happier you.

Your dog can be a dog and enjoy playtime outdoors. And you won’t have to get stressed out about keeping your pooch and your home clean and smelling fresh.

And Right Now You Can Try Your 1st Month with Zero Hassles

Enroll now to try your first full month of our Splash and Dash membership and experience the joy of having a clean, fresh smelling dog all the time, and even how much fresher your home will smell. Then, if you decide it’s not a value and just not worth it to you, simply let us know and we will cancel your membership.

You’ll get all your money back for the 1st month – and you’ll get it without any hassle! That’s a promise!

However, we’re pretty confident that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without our membership. You are going to love it!

Go ahead and click below to get started today absolutely RISK FREE!