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Learn how Splash & Dash can help you generate as much as $5,000 in monthly income in just a few simple steps.

“Splash and Dash has been fabulous for me, I love it!  I think groomers are finally going to be able to make the kind of money we deserve with stablitly and retirement potential. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Will Comparsi CEO & Founder of Royal Touch Salon

Support & Training

Our entire team is motivated and focused on helping you grow your business. Our blended learning solution provides everyone with the necessary knowledge to build a profitable Splash & Dash for Dogs profit center. 


We are devoted to helping you manage and understand your monthly numbers from payroll %, inventory turns and or payroll vs gross sales. Regardless we are here to help insure you maximize your profitability.

Loyal Customers

Splash & Dash for Dogs understands how to turn your exisiting loyal customers into RAVING FANS that help promote your brand and bring new customers in daily!

Advanced Marketing

Included with our ready-to-print collateral, we create a custom piece that may better suit your advertising needs. Our marketing department is ready to help you with your marketing needs!

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