Check out these great ways to keep your pet safe during the holidays and all year ’round!

Rescue Otter Plays with Lions and Hyenas

Moses a Rescue Otter Lives in South African Preserve Park This video takes us to the plains of Africa where a special little Otter lives. His name is Moses and he is living at Loebies Guest Farm and Predator Park in Bela Bela South Africa.…

This Little Teenage Raccoon is So Lucky!

The bond between animal and human is one that will last forever, and here at Splash and Dash for Dogs we believe in this bond. Watch this heart-warming video of a wild raccoon being rescued by a group of boaters. They boaters heard what sounded…

Warning Signs Your Dog Has Cancer

No one wants to think of their dog dying, which is why it is important to do everything you can to protect their health. However, even when you give your dog proper exercise and feed them the right foods, there are still health issues that can…