Policies & Procedures

This is my first visit, what records do I need to bring?

Are there any special procedures when I check in my pet?

What will I need to do when I come to pick up my pet?

What if need to cancel my scheduled appointment?

What if I am late for my appointment?

What if I forgot my appointment, never called, and didn’t show up?

If I’m late picking up my pet, is there an additional charge?

What if it is after store hours when I arrive to pick up my pet?

What if I am unable to pick up my pet?

What vaccinations are required?

What if my pet has fleas or ticks??

Are there risks to having my pet groomed?

Is my pet too old to be groomed?

Are there medical conditions that may keep my pet from being groomed?

Can you groom my pet if it's heavily matted?

My pet just got skunked, will you clean him/her up?

My pet doesn't stink anymore! What else do I need to know before I book the appointment?

Do you offer any discounts?