4 Dog Food Myths You Should Know

When you have a dog, you want to make sure they eat correctly. There are many myths about dog food that people accept as fact. By understanding the truth behind this you will have a better understanding of what food your dog needs so you buy the right dog food at the pet store.


Myth #1: All Dog Food Brands Offer Nutritious Food

Many people assume that all dog foods are made the same and offer the nutrition your dog needs. This myth is easy to dispel simply by looking at the dog with bone in his mouthlabel on the dog food. Each one offers a little something different. The problem too is that many of these companies use labels such as balanced and complete which many people assume makes them a better option. The truth is that these are generally just marketing buzzwords designed to sell more dog food.


Myth #2: Dry Food is Good for Dog’s Teeth

Another common myth people believe is that dry food will help with dental problems. This is because many people think about the chewing and teeth structure of dogs in the same manner as humans. The truth is that your dog’s teeth are not flat, but sharp and pointed. When they chew the dry food it does not clean the teeth. In many cases, it either shatters or is swallowed whole. In some instances it may actually make their dental problems worse because the food particles can be lodged in the teeth where bacteria growth can start.


Myth #3: Changing Dog Food Brands is Bad for Your Dog

People hear all the time that changing dog foods is bad for the digestion of the dog. In reality though you can change the food your dog eats at every meal. As long as it is a high quality food, it will be fine for them to eat. The majority of animal health professionals have embraced the rotational diet as the healthiest plan for dogs. With this you rotate the food your dog eats between raw, fresh cooked, kibble and canned food. There are many benefits to this that can help your dog to have better health.


Myth #4: Raw Pet Foods are Dangerous

german shepherd puppy sits on carpet in front of chair

There are also many people who think that raw foods are dangerous to their pets. This is because they think about e.coli, salmonella and other bacteria that can be found in these products. The digestive tract of dogs is much more acidic than human’s which means that it will break down these bacteria where a human’s body will not. You want to make sure you choose the appropriate raw foods for your pet and handle them properly, but this can actually be very healthy for your pet.

Next time you are at the pet store, take the time to look at the ingredients in the dog food. You will notice that most big name brands have 20 or more ingredients with several fillers. Then find a high quality pet food and look at the ingredients they have. Generally this is less than seven ingredients from organic and natural sources.