5 Videos to Prove Dogs Really are Children

Most pet parents think of their dogs as their children, even if they have children of their own. While to others this may seem crazy but we know the truth. The love we have for them is just as intense as it is for any other person. Plus dogs are a lot like children. Not only are they super adorable, they are highly trainable and easy to bribe. We could go on and on but we think these videos do a better job proving the point.


Bathtime is Always a Mess

Anyone who has ever tried to bathe a toddler knows that the floor needs to be mopped up afterwards. Even if your dog happens to LOVE water, like the dog in this video, they will still more than likely make a big mess. At least this dog parent was smart enough to put the tub outside.





Walking in Shoes is Hard

We all know learning to walk is a big deal for kids. Dogs on the other hand pretty much do this from birth. Walking in shoes though is a completely different story. This short video shows the embarrassing and hilarious ways dogs learn to walk in shoes.  





Trashing the House… And Trying to Sneak Away

Everyone knows kids make messes. It’s part of the dictionary definition of children… Okay maybe not, but most parents think it should be included or kids should come with some sort of warning label about it. Turns out dogs are the same in this manner. Not only do they make messes, they tend to try to sneak away when confronted about it, as this video shows.





They Hate Giving Up Their Things

It could be a favorite toy or in the case of this video, a pacifier. We all know how kids hate to share but dogs can be the same way, especially when it comes to their favorite things. Even when a parent tries to take them antics can ensue.





Both Love to Dance

Our final point here may be the most compelling. We all know kids love to dance. As soon as babies figure out how to stand they start shaking their butts. Turns out dogs aren’t that different in this regard.




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