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Medical Benefits of Marijuana for Your Dog

As a dog owner you want to make sure you are giving your pet the very best. This means feeding them the right dog food and finding appropriate toys and activities for them. Many people are also starting to use medical marijuana for their pets. This is why you should understand the benefits this controversial treatment can provide.


Why Use Marijuana for Pets?\"black

The first thing to understand with this is that marijuana will not cure your dog or cat of any particular issue they are suffering from. It can however be
used for symptom management. It is commonly used for pets with cancer, those undergoing certain medical treatments or seizures. Some people report it can reduce or eliminate the seizures their dogs have.


People also use it as a tool to improve the quality of life for their pet with incurable cancer or those sick from chemo. There is even a report of a veterinarian in Seattle that is recommending medical marijuana for dogs with arthritis to help reduce the inflammation and pain. It is also commonly used to help with pain management for pets with these conditions.


How Well Does it Work?

A quick internet search will show you countless case studies of pet owners dosing their pets with marijuana. One example includes a person from New York whose dog Luna was going through treatment for end stage lymphoma. The symptoms caused her lymph nodes to swell and made her cough. Her owners found that as they gave her marijuana in her dog food her symptoms started diminishing.


Another story about the benefits of medical marijuana was with an 11 year old cat, named

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