Say Goodbye to Winter with These Short Funny Dog Videos

We are all glad that the weather is warming up and sandy beaches and sunbathing are in the future. This is a good time to say goodbye to the fun of winter. What better way to do that than with  some short clips that remind us of all the terrible things we love and hate about the frozen weather.


Dogs Slipping on Ice

We’ve all slipped  on ice at some point in our lives and while dogs may seem graceful, they are no less clumsy than us on the frozen ground. This just proves the point.

The Dog Version of Sledding

Personally we like to think this dog is an innovator, someone who knows how to make due when he doesn’t have what he needs. While his baby human sister is trying to figure out how sledding works, he takes it upon himself to sled down on his tummy.


Shiba Inu Sees Snow for the First Time

Do you remember the first time you saw snow? We’re sure this pup won’t forget her first encounter with the snow. This video is the exact cuteness the internet was made for.



Confused Chow Chow Puppy in Snow

The life of being a puppy can be confusing enough on its own. Puppies want to figure out how the world works. This poor pup thinks he knows just the world works and then Bam! This fluffy white stuff falls from the sky and changes the way he sees the world. The inquisitiveness of this chow chow though is down right adorable.

That’s all we have for now. So long winter! We’ll see you at the end of the year! Now we’re ready for dogs in bikinis!

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