Splash and Dash for Dogs has 5 Tips for Going Back to School

Summer is Over and the Kids are Heading Back to Class Leaving the Doggies Free to Roam the House

The summer brought the heat and the fun times. The beach was enticing and the barbecues were tasty. As summer gives way to fall the kids will be away from the house more leaving our doggies at home by themselves. This can be a stressful time for the kids and dogs alike. Splash and Dash for Dogs knows this, and has compiled 5 ways to help alleviate the stress, and set some healthy practices for the school year. These tips help curb disruptive, demanding, and mischievous behavior.

Don’t Overcompensate

For many first time pet owners and parents, there is an urge to overcompensate and go out of the budget. It is natural to feel guilty about leaving the dog alone, especially for an extended amount of time. The thing is, your dog needs to get used to being alone for a reasonable amount of time during the day. Many pet owners overcompensate by hiring dog walkers or a pet-sitter, when it may be easier to come home to walk your dog at lunch. If you establish good routines with your dog, you can save money by enforcing good behavior. Coordinate with the family to see who is available to return home for a short time to feed and walk the dog.

Consider the Dog Crate

When kids are at school, and you are at work, the dog is going to receive less interaction and a great way is to get them to relax in their crate during the day. Dogs prone to destructive behavior when alone could especially benefit from the crate training. According to the American Kennel Society (AKS) an adult dog can relax in a crate for up to five hours at a time, while puppies should only be in for an hour.  If the family can coordinate lunch time walks between crating, this is a perfect way to save the couch from being chewed to death! A dog should be comfortable in their crate with access to water and plenty of toys. Splash and Dash for Dogs also recommends plenty of soft bedding for your pooch to lounge on.

Lace up the Walking Shoes

One of the most important thing Splash and Dash for Dog Groomers can recommend for your dog’s happiness and health is good walk regiments. AKS suggests at least a half hour walk or equivalent exercise time depending on the breed. Get the kids involved! Since the kids will be returning to school it may be a good idea to delegate the morning walking chore to them. This is a great way to teach responsibility while also getting good exercise for your dog. The morning walk is just as important as lunch time and evening walks. Walks exercise your dog and help reduce doggie-anxiety. Adding time or an extra walk for the school year is important to supplement the loss of playtime while the house is empty.

Re-up on Fun Toys

The biggest factor in a dog’s destructive behavior is boredom. Dogs that have gotten used to constant supervision and play while the kids are home for summer need additional entertainment during back to school season. The best toys to provide for your doggie are chewable, food-dispensing, or problem-solving. Chewable toys help with teething puppies. Adult dogs also love them! Indestructible chew toys are the best fit, like Splash and Dash for Dog’s Bionic Bone. Food-dispensing toys or bowls are also convenient when no one is home. Toys or bowls can be timed and measure the perfect portion. For bored dogs that are prone to chewing your favorite dress shoes, there are problem-solving toys that can be stuffed with treats to occupy their mind. Dogs are natural problem solvers and have a great time solving puzzles to receive treats.

Good Structure Equals Good Behavior

Whether you’re adjusting the new puppy, or your senior dog for a back to school schedule, structure is key. Dogs learn through repetition and routine. If you take your dog for a half hour morning walk everyday at 8 a.m. your dog will naturally acclimate to using the bathroom and getting energy out during the walk. This will cut back on stress and curb bad behavior during the day when you’re gone like going inside or chewing furniture. Also, going back to the basics like getting your dog to sit before feeding, petting, and going outside is always helpful. Developing self-control with your dog is important. It reinforces good behavior and develops routine.
Back to school can be a stressful time for everyone. Having a pet that’s acting out is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. If you use these 5 tips and stick to them, this should help make the transition a smooth and healthy process. Picking up good habits is good, but keeping them works. Remember, moderate yourself and your budget when coordinating for your pup, and good planning helps save money. Finding the old crate and returning to good choices for a relaxing space for your dog also helps. Toys and treats will help make the transition a fun thing for your dog, and steady walks always keep them in great shape. Finally, establishing and keeping to the routine will help make your dog happy when the kids go back to school.

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