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Our Care Options

Since 2009, Splash and Dash has provided fur-fluffing, dog-loving, service to thousands of dogs and their pet parents. We know you won’t trust your baby to just anyone — that’s why we’ve developed a unique set of treatments that will leave your dog feeling relaxed, refreshed, and energized every time they leave our shop.

Spa Treatments

Keep ’em Happy.

Is your dog feeling down? Are they suddenly acting out?

Our unique spa treatments are the perfect way to help your dog feel relaxed and settled. Let them try a cleansing bath or an invigorating aromatherapy treatment.


Signature Monthly Membership

Keep ’em Clean.

Rolling in the mud. Chasing chipmunks. Wrestling with the neighbors. It’s a dirty job, being a dog!

Let us help with unlimited monthly baths starting at just $39.97. This is the service that made the Splash and Dash family famous.

Safety First Dog Grooming

Keep ’em Stylish.

Whether your pup is looking for a simple haircut or some showroom styles, our staff is carefully trained to provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable experience.

Come to us for all your regular grooming needs including baths, haircuts, nails, and glands.


Dog Dental

Keep ’em Fresh.

You don’t want one of those Lady and the Tramp moments to be ruined by bad breath.

We can keep your pup’s pearly whites sparkling, and their breath fresh.

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