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Signature Wellness Check
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Early and Often ‘Paws On’ Inspections by Expert Groomers with a Splash and Dash Signature Membership


Your fur baby’s coat plays an important role in the overall health of your baby and will continue to make a difference in the long life of your pet.


Your fur baby can be at risk for developing infections in the ear canal which can be painful and even create further health issues. But, with routine ear care, your baby can live a happier and healthier life.


Long nails can cause your fur baby's paws to splay, change their weight distribution throughout their body and cause joint, muscle and tendon pain. Routine Care can prevent long nails that can also break and cause your baby harm even infection.


If you want your fur baby to thrive, then you need to learn the best ways to keep them happy and healthy. Fur babies with proper health care and appropriate behavior will also make your life more delightful. Your fur baby's health and behavior go together and one directly impacts the other.


As a pet parent, you certainly want your fur baby to have a healthy mouth. Routine Care will prevent tooth loss, bad breath, oral pain, and organ damage.


Maintaining healthy skin is of utmost importance to maintaining your fur baby's overall health and should be treated with utmost care and concern. Our Routine Care will spot signs of dryness, cracking, irritation, bumps, redness, and scratching before they spread to infection and bigger problems.
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Easy Effective
  • Bath & Brush
  • Wellness Check
  • Retail, Grooming, Add-on
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 Cost-Effective and  Convenient

Membership allows one usage per month.


Weekly Care Super Convenient
  • Bath & Brush
  • Wellness Check
  • Retail, Grooming, Add-on
  • 10% Off!

 Weekly Flexibility and Convenient

Membership allows one usage per week

Mon. – Thur. ONLY*

*Depending on location operating hours.


Recurring Appointments Total Flexibility
  • Bath & Brush
  • Wellness Check
  • Retail, Grooming, Add-on
  • UP TO 20% Off!

 Recurring Appointment
Unlimited Flexibility
and ZERO Hassels

Membership allows unlimited usage per month.

Keep Up to Date on Your Dog’s Key Wellness Markers
Every Splash and Dash routine care visit ends with a comprehensive evaluation of your dog’s wellness, sent directly to your phone.
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Keep ’em Green

Eco-Friendly Supplies

Now your pup can get decked out without damaging the environment. Choose from our top-quality dog accessories, made in the USA and sourced from recycled bike tires.

Keep ’em Happy.

Spa Treatments & Supplies

Our unique spa treatments are the perfect way to help your dog feel relaxed and settled. Let them try a cleansing bath or an invigorating aromatherapy treatment.

Keep ’em Stylish.

Safety First Dog Grooming

Whether your pup is looking for a simple haircut, or some showroom styles, our staff is carefully trained to provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable experience.

Keep it Simple.

Natural Treats and Chews

Our treats are so nutritious and delicious, you just might be tempted to eat them with your morning cup of coffee. Just be sure to save some for your furry family member!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our Unlimited Routine Care membership allows you to bring your dog in EVERYDAY!  Unlimited Flexibility and ZERO Hassles

When you decided to travel back home, simply put your membership on freeze until you come back or transfer your membership to a Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique near your summer/winter home.

Our passport program allows you to use any other Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique location while you travel with your pets.

You can cancel anytime, for any reason. No questions asked!