Great Ideas for Summer Trips with Your Dog

If you are like many families, now is the time to start planning the fun activities you will do this summer. It could be going on vacation or a series of smaller activities you want to experience. A great way to get more enjoyment out of your summer activities is to find ways to experience trips and activities with your dog. Here are a few great options you can try out this summer.


Go Camping with Your Dogshutterstock_105631460__1454606817_35175

Camping is a great activity to enjoy with your dog because it allows them the opportunity to get out in nature. You can hike with your dog, fish with them, go for a swim (as long as the waters are safe to swim in) and so much more. There are many activities you can enjoy. If you have friends that also have dogs then you can make it a group activity.


Take a Trip to the Dog Beach

Who doesn’t love the beach? Just as you do, so does your dog. They will love taking a trip to the beach, feeling the sand in their paws and trying to gallop through the water. The only thing to keep in mind with this is that you need to follow the rules of the beach as each is a little different. Also, make sure you have the supplies you need to stay hydrated and cool while you and your dog are at the beach.


Join a Dog Meetup

Most cities have dog meetups. While you may not be able to find these all on sites like you would be surprised how many Facebook groups there are out there. This can be a fun way for you and your dog to make some new friends this summer and have fun at the same time. Many dog meetups vary their location as well so you can explore other dog parks in the area.


Have a Pool Day

dog_park_ownersMany dogs love pools. There are some who do not like the chlorinated smell of the pool. If your dog does not like the pool like this, then you can always buy  them a kiddie pool and fill it with water and watch them go nuts. Along the same lines, you will find your dog will love playing in the sprinklers.

These are just some of the many options you can enjoy with your dog. Just think about the things you like to do and the things your dog enjoys. Or you can always opt to try something new. There are many options out there, so feel free to explore!

Your Dog Can Now Use the Restroom at the Airport

Ever taken your pet to the airport only to feel the strain of trying to figure out what  to do when they have to go potty? Most airports are not designed to be pet friendly, which can be very stressful for the pet, not to mention the pet parents who have to find accommodations for their pets. Thankfully Kennedy Airport has made some improvements to make their airport more pet friendly in the last couple weeks with the introduction of pet restrooms. The cool thing is that while these look like they are designed for dogs, they can also be used by cats.


The Old Way of Doing Thingsyoshi pooping

In the past, and even at other airports, pet parents are forced to just wait until their pet has an accident in the terminal and then clean up the mess. The only other option is to go outside, which can be frustrating as it means you have to go through security once again. This is not only time consuming but a hassle as well. One that makes many pet parents think twice before bringing their pet along, even if they are an emotional support animal.


The Design of the Bathroom

shutterstock_260692613__1453910776_84213Ask anyone who travels regularly, Kennedy Airport has one of the best restrooms out there. Now their bathrooms have gotten even better by offering pet restrooms. These stalls were designed by a Manhattan nonprofit organization and are designed to provide pet parents with everything their pet needs. In these restrooms you will find stalls with fake grass and a fire hydrant where your pet can do their business. There are poop bags  And just like any other bathroom stall out there, you will find  a sink and necessities to wash your hands after taking care of your pet. Along with this there are hoses so the stalls can be easily cleaned.


The Future of Pet Restrooms

While there is no guarantee that other airports will follow suit with pet restrooms, we are hoping that this catches on. It is convenient to pet parents and will make traveling with your pet easier on pet parents as well as pets. Only time will tell whether this is something that will catch on or just be a feature that makes Kennedy Airport unique.

Diseases Hiding in Your Dog’s Poop

We all know that we need to pick up our dog’s poop when we are out on a walk and not just because it looks and smells gross (even though this is the reason many people won’t pick it up!). The truth is that there are many diseases that can be hiding in the poop you may not even be aware of. Even if you have a perfectly healthy dog their poop can still hold these diseases, which can be harmful to you, other people and even other animals.



  • Salmonella- This is the most common bacteria that is passed from animals to humans (or raw cookie dough). It can make you really sickFeatured-April-Image-4with symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting and more.
  • E. Coli- This is another common bacterial infection that is passed to humans. While it lives in the intestines of animals and people alike, when it gets into the bloodstream it can be fatal.
  • Yersiniosis- This is a bacterial disease that can infect the intestines and multiplies in cold water, such as lakes in early spring.
  • Giardia- This is a parasite that is found in water and many dogs have this in their intestinal tract. They can pass it along through their poop. It causes a serious infection and illness in people.
  • Tapeworms- These can transmit through the pores of your skin and once inside they travel to the intestines where they steal the nutrients from the host.
  • Toxoplasmosis- While most people think of cats with this condition, it can also be passed along in dog poop. It causes flu like symptoms and for pregnant women the illness can lead to birth defects.

toxic_plant_dogThese are just a few of the many diseases that can be lurking in your pet’s poop. This is why it is important to pick up after your dog every time. Even if you let your dog out in the yard to relieve themselves, you should still make sure you are cleaning up the mess regularly. When left on the ground, it can leave a lasting effect and contaminate the ground for years afterwards. If you do not want to expose yourself or others to this, then it is best to clean up the dog poop. Just make sure you use a bag or gloves to clean up the poop and then wash your hands afterwards to avoid any contamination while cleaning the poop up.

What You Should Know About Online Booking

Here at Splash and Dash we try to do everything we can to make life as easy and convenient for our customers as possible. This was the whole reason we started offering our online appointment booking in the first place. We want to make sure that all our customers know we offer this and what it can offer. Here are a few things we think you should know.


It’s Easy to Usedog grooming

You can easily go to your store’s page and click on the Request an Appointment button on the left side of the page. From there you will just sign in to your account and select the time and date you want your service. This makes it convenient to get your appointment booked. You can also make multiple appointments. So for example if you want to bring your dog in every Friday afternoon at 4PM then you can easily set this for multiple visits.


Rescheduling is Simple

Another thing you can easily do with online booking is reschedule your appointment. Simply sign into your account and then change the appointment.  This makes it easy for people who have ever changing schedules to still get the convenience of online booking without feeling pressured to keep the appointment if they have something that comes up.


Cancelling Your Appointment

dog groomer peachtree cityAlong the same lines you should know that you can easily cancel your appointment online, rather than just reschedule. We understand that sometimes you may not know when you can bring your pet back in and we want to be accommodating to this.

We hope you are as excited about our online booking as we are. We believe this is just another way that we can make life easier for our customers so they can make appointments when it is best for them. So if you remember at 2AM that you want your pup to get a full groom on a certain day, then you can make the appointment online instead of waiting.

Study Shows Walking Your Dog Can Add More Years to Your Life

Are you looking for new ways you can increase your lifespan. Sure scientists are testing out how different medications may extend the human life, but this is still too far off to rely on. There is one thing science has confirmed can add life to your years and it’s great news if you have a dog. It’s as simple as walking with your pet!


What the Science SaysFeatured-April-Image-3

University of Missouri conducted a study of dog owners and non dog owners.  They observed them for years to see the way their lives were changed by having a dog vs. not having a dog. Most importantly the study looked at people over 60 in their observational study.


What They Found

shutterstock_250526221__1453911628_54189The cool thing this study found was that people who had dogs on average lived longer lives than those who did not. These are people who walk their dog everyday lived longer because the walks improved cardiovascular health. More than this, the companionship gained from having a dog also helped to improve their mental health. The study also found that people who had dogs tended to make less trips to the vet, due to having better health. This improved health is what helps them to live longer.

Now we’re not saying that owning a dog is the key to living into your hundreds, but this study is compelling in the aspect that it shows the way that dogs can help people, especially the elderly. Even if having a dog doesn’t add years to your life, it will improve the quality of your life, knowing you have a loving companion who will always be by your side.