Study Shows Walking Your Dog Can Add More Years to Your Life

Are you looking for new ways you can increase your lifespan. Sure scientists are testing out how different medications may extend the human life, but this is still too far off to rely on. There is one thing science has confirmed can add life to your years and it’s great news if you have a dog. It’s as simple as walking with your pet!


What the Science Says\"Featured-April-Image-3\"

University of Missouri conducted a study of dog owners and non dog owners.  They observed them for years to see the way their lives were changed by having a dog vs. not having a dog. Most importantly the study looked at people over 60 in their observational study.


What They Found

\"shutterstock_250526221__1453911628_54189\"The cool thing this study found was that people who had dogs on average lived longer lives than those who did not. These are people who walk their dog everyday lived longer because the walks improved cardiovascular health. More than this, the companionship gained from having a dog also helped to improve their mental health. The study also found that people who had dogs tended to make less trips to the vet, due to having better health. This improved health is what helps them to live longer.

Now we’re not saying that owning a dog is the key to living into your hundreds, but this study is compelling in the aspect that it shows the way that dogs can help people, especially the elderly. Even if having a dog doesn’t add years to your life, it will improve the quality of your life, knowing you have a loving companion who will always be by your side.

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