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What You Need to Know About Dog Training


Self Training is Harder Than You Think

One of the biggest misconceptions with pet parents is that they do not need to take their dog training\"963e5a8415313e2065f7d1582f1d03fb\" because they can do this on their own. Sure there are many TV shows and videos you can find online that talk about this. However, you will find that these are very cookie cutter and simply cannot replace having an actual instructor. Every dog is different and some methods that may work on some dogs will not work on others. Not to mention, videos do not teach you the importance of bond building and respect in your human-dog relationship. Videos may be helpful after completing a few dog training courses as you will have a better understanding of how training works.

Dog Training is As Much for You as for Your Pet

A common misconception about these dog training is that they are simply there to train your pet. Many people think they can drop their dog off at class and pick them up afterwards. However, this is just as much a learning process for you as it is for them. They must learn the commands and how to follow your instruction. You will have to learn the correct way to instruct your dog as well as how to pay attention to their body language for signals from them. You will need to learn how you should conduct your own behavior to get the best results out of your pet’s training.


Have Realistic Expectations

As nice as it would be to have the most well behaved pet overnight, you cannot expect your dog to learn a new trick or behavior in a day . Even basic commands take time to learn and even more time to master. Also, every dog is different. So even though one dog may learn to shake in day, another dog may take a week or more even with the same dog training. Don’t give up or get frustrated and most of all, praise their progress!


Choose the Right Dog Trainer

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