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Caring for Pets During Natural Disasters

There are many natural disasters you may encounter as a pet owner, depending on where you live. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, violent electrical storms, flooding, fires, and more. We’ve all seen these disasters on the news or movies. Perhaps you\’ve experienced them personally. With pets, things get a little more complicated and pet services aren\’t the only things you need to know to keep safer during these events. However, the proper preparations can make natural disasters slightly less disastrous for the family.


Pets Evacuate with the Rest of the Family

In the event of an evacuation, pets should always leave too. To make evacuation easier, visit pet services and pack an evacuation bag for your dog just like you would any other family member. Don’t make the mistake of feeling your pet can fend for himself using natural instincts. Red Cross\"1b4fd677e9958d25dac1aa76fd79f1f6\" shelters do not accept pets, so find pet services to take your pet in advance. If you do have to evacuate, make sure your pets are contained. An easy way to do this is with a crate they feel comfortable in.


Minimize Their Fear and Anxiety with the Help of Pet Services

They’ll be scared and stressed too and likely to bolt. Keep a disaster kit in the trunk of your cars and include supplies for your pet’s needs. Some of the things to put in the disaster kit include:

  • a portable kennel
  • food and water dish
  • Food to last for at least a few days
  • an extra leash
  • a first aid kit
  • supply of any medications your pet may need
  • A few toys they love
  • Treats that can help focus them
  • Thundershirt or other calming devices for your dog


Documentation is Essential Too

Make sure vaccinations are up to date and keep copies of those records in your car. Make sure your pet is always wearing an id tag and consider microchipping if you haven’t already. There are many pet services that can help you with this. If your pet is lost, these will be his ticket home.


Weathering the Storm

\"19caabb213e50a683d2afff45f71ad3f\"The flash of lightening and clap of thunder can be particularly frightening to a pet. If there is a storm in progress, find a quiet place, like a closet or someplace with no windows for your pet to stay. Try swaddling them and holding them close. In case of power outages or being unable to get out, such as in a blizzard or in the event of flooding, have a two week supply of pet food on hand. And remember you pet will need water just like you.


Keep a pet carrier on hand and easily accessible, in case of a quick departure. A sticker on the front window of your home, will let emergency personnel know there is a pet in residence. Finally, create your emergency plan ahead of time, a little forethought into the pet services and plan of action you will use you can create a calm feeling in a stressful situation, ensure your pet’s safety and provide peace of mind. After getting through the store it never hurts to find an affordable option to get the dog clean. Check out our franchise opportunities that are available if you love pets and want to get in the industry. This

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