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Scared Dog Alert! Minimize Dog’s Fear of Fireworks

Many dogs are afraid of booming flashing light in the sky and pet parents forget about how this can remove dog safety from the situation. Dogs are as sensitive as a recently dumped fourteen year old boy. Dogs feel, hear, and smell everything exponentially better than humans. If a surprise firework makes you jump, imagine what it does to a poor dog’s heart. It’s not a shock that dogs are afraid of fireworks, but there are ways to ease the phobia out of the pet so you can both enjoy Fourth of July and dog safety this year.


It all boils down to desensitizing or preventing exposure to your dog. Between the amplified loud sounds and the gun powder, it\’s generally not good for dog safety if you bring your dog to a fireworks show. If you\’re planning to surround yourself with fireworks and festivities this weekend and your dog will be nearby, consider the following dog safety tips:


Plan Ahead for Dog Safety

Prepare your plan for activities ahead of time and when they will happen. This way you can better prepare your dog by moving him away from the loud noise. Before you shoot off fireworks, you should know how your dog responds to them and to others. If your dog becomes very nervous, it will be better to get her away from people to prevent accidental biting or nervous responses. Never force a dog to be in a situation they don\’t want to be. This can be dangerous for you and your pet.


Build a Hideaway

\"dogBuild your dog a safe space in your home or wherever you are. Prior to festivities, make sure your dog knows that space is theirs. If you\’re at home, note where your dog tends to run to when you have guests or when she is stressed:


  • Look for the area that makes your dog the happiest. Is it behind the sofa? Next to the radiator? Choose the place your dog is most comfortable being.
  • Pad the area with comfortable and safe bedding. Add extra padding to reduce vibrations from the fireworks.
  • Keep the room darker.
  • Place your pets favorite toys nearby.


Remain Calm

It is important to maintain a calm behavior around the dog to not strengthen the dog’s phobia on Fourth of July or other firework holidays. However, you don\’t want to baby your dog. Don’t react to fireworks yourself either. Fireworks can make you as jumpy as you dog is. Resist the temptation to jump out of your skin or tense up for dog safety. Dogs can read your body language and would understand if there is a reason to be scared.
Again, you should never force your dog to be in a situation that is uncomfortable and unnecessary. A scared dog might become an aggressive dog and put human and dog safety at risk. We hope this helps you and your family have a great Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day!

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