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Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog

Halloween is a great holiday that just about everyone loves. There’s the excitement of choosing the right costume and the fun of going out in your costume. If you are lucky you may even get in a few scares during the holiday. It is natural to want to include your dog in the festivities and there is no better way to do this than getting them in costume.


Choosing the Right Dog Costume at the Pet Store

When you go to the pet store you may find isles of dog costumes and you can find countless pages of costumes online. So which one do you go with? This is the age old question of pet parents. The simple answer: keep it fun. Here are a few of our favorites that can help you to get a better idea for this Halloween.

Chia Pet Costume

Your dog is your pet so this really is a no brainer. It is fun and clever.


Martini Costume

Just because your pup is in a cone doesn’t mean they have to be excluded! With a little ingenuity and a trip to the craft store, you can create a fun and tasteful look for your dog.



Freddy Krueger Dog

Hey, it\’s Halloween. Don\’t be scared to pick up this costume at the pet store.


Ewok Dog

If you have a small dog with a lot of facial hair and love Star Wars there is no better choice- unless you have a goldendoodle and then Chewbacca is the only option.


Pirate dog

This is the infamous optical illusion costume that makes it look like there are two people or dogs in one. There will be jokes all night long about how you\’re looking for treasure while trick or treating.


Batman Costume

If you are a fan of the dark knight, either on screen or in the comics, this is the perfect way to dress up your pooch. This is also a great costume if you want to coordinate with other family members.


Ghost dog

This is proof that if you have a white sheet, black marker and scissors, your dog can still have an adorable costume! Great when you forget a costume while you’re at the pet store.


Marilyn Monroe dog

Does your dog love fashion? Then they will look great as this iconic lady. If nothing else people will get a kick out of your dogs plastic breasts.


Mr. T

This is the perfect costume if you want to walk around all night saying great lines such as “I pity a fo’”


Elvis Dog

There are many options for Elvis costumes out there and who wouldn’t want want their pet dressed as the King. However, some costumes are poor quality so be careful when buying.

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