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High Tech Pet Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed

High Tech Pet Gear & Gadgets

One of the best times to own a pet is right now. Today’s innovation makes way for modern pet gadgets that can make your dog’s life better, and your life easier. High tech pet gear first started taking off in 2009 when the category first became popular on Amazon. Since then, inventors and pet enthusiasts have collaborated on some really cutting-edge pet products.

Ranging from the practical to the strange, tons of high tech pet gear is available for you and your doggo. Even those who can’t own a pet due to allergies or living-facility restrictions may have options soon. Robotics researcher, Steve Yohana, developed what he calls the Haptic Creature—a robot designed to re-create touch based communication. The robot looks like a rabbit, with short fur on its belly and two ears. The Haptic Creature simulates purring, breathing, and ear twitching. Peculiar, yes, but Yohana says he’s had enough requests to make him interested marketing the product after his research is completed.

The availability of the quirkier gadgets makes sense as the pet industry continues to swell. More people own pets in the U.S. now more than ever. Meaning, more dogs to care for with high tech pet gear. In 2016, pet owners spent $66.75 billion. As the Millennials replace the older generations as the primary pet owners, many want their dog to have the best care available. This means going outside of the traditional toy box to find some updates on old classics and new gadgets to teach an old dog new tricks.

High Tech Novelty Items

Market experts say that high-tech novelty items are the most widely sought after products from pet parents. Items like gear that translates your cat’s meows into human languages. Or, treat feeders that give you the power to launch treats across the room like a T-shirt cannon at a baseball game are filling up aisles at pet stores.

  1. The Woofer

Putting clothes on dogs is cute, but it’s old news. Most pet boutiques have all the stylish clothing your dog needs, but few have clothes that are also speakers. The Woofer is a dog jacket that plays music! Now you can play music as you run with your dog or even turn the dog park into a dance party.

Yes, we’re thinking what you’re thinking. Veterinarian specialists have approved The Woofer as safe for your dog’s acute sense of hearing. The speaker is located on the backside of your dog, away from their ears, and volume levels are in the safe zone. The jacket comes in four sizes to fit breeds from a Jack Russell to a German Shepherd.

  1. Pet Snack Launcher

There are few companies making these hand held pet treat launchers that make giving your dog a treat make you feel like you’re in Kubrick’s “2001 Space Odyssey.” Most treat launchers are pretty cheap, but not all function the same, so ask your pet groomer or read reviews to get the highest-quality launcher.

Simply load up your dog’s favorite treats into the top cartridge and push the button. This interactive toy makes treat-time more of a game. You can master launching the treats into the eager jaws of your doggo for a seamless chomp.


There are a bunch of apps available on smartphones to help you decipher your dog’s bark, or your cat’s meow, into human languages. The most popular of all these devices is a collar called CATTERBOX. The collar translates your cat’s meows and generates a human voice deciphering the point your cat’s trying to get across. Usually, feed me. The collar works with the developer’s app and gives you various options for your cat’s new reproduced voice.

Cats aren’t the only ones having fun. There are dog translator apps available on the smartphones and the What’s Yapp dog collar is in beta version. These items combine hard science, imagination, and a fun ability to suspend your skepticism.

Functional Items & Practical Gadgets

Novelty products aren’t the only things you might consider getting for your dog. A variety of new high tech pet gear designed to make tedious parts of owning a dog less effortful are entering the marketplace too. For therapy dogs working with owners that have limited mobility, there are products that perform the physical parts of fetch for you.

  1. GoDogGo

This is automatic ball launcher is the world’s first fetch machine. The launcher has been around since 1999 and is now in its fourth generation of development. The way it works is simple. Train your dog to place the ball into the upper bucket part of the toy. The ball is then launched into the air for Fido to catch. Different weighted balls determine how high the ball will fly. A tennis ball will launch 6 feet high and be propelled about 11 feet from the device. A weighted GoDogGo ball will launch up to 15 feet away at the same vertical height.

This piece of high tech pet gear is perfect for dogs that are obsessed with fetch and demand that ball is thrown every minute of every second of the day.

  1. MagneClip

This is a low tech innovation with high tech functionality. This is one of those products that’s so simple you’re hitting yourself in the head for not thinking of it yourself. The MagneClip is a clip that attaches your dog’s collar to their leash. It uses a magnet instead of a spring loaded latch. Simple, but very handy!

Many dog owners know the struggle of holding waste bags in one hand, a water bottle in the other while trying to finagle the leash clip onto their dog’s collar. With spring loaded latches, the process becomes painstaking. Spring loaded clips jam and are meticulous. The MagneClip makes attaching a leash to a collar one fluid motion.

  1. Litter Robot II

This litter box looks more like a part of a space shuttle than high tech pet gear. But trust us, if you get one for your house, you’ll never go back to the low-tech life.  The Litter-Robot is a litter chamber that that has an upward-facing entryway where your cat can enter to do his business. The litter is sifted after every use and is automatically deposited into a drawer for reduced spilling and easy disposal which conserves litter.  A self-adjusting weight sensor detects a cat’s’ weight so every cat you own can use the Litter Robot. 

Pet Safety Items

Having a pet is almost the same amount of responsibility as having a child. Fortunately, there are awesome products out there to help pet owners mitigate that responsibility. As the future becomes the present, pet owners can care for their pets even when they’re not home.

  1. Petcube

This company is pioneering the ability for pet owners to interact with their pets remotely. Both the Petcube play and Petcube bite feature 2-way audio that lets your pet hear you and vice versa. Each also streams 1080p HD video equipped to rotate on a 138°  wide angle view with 3x zoom capability.

These features make it so that you can see your pet wherever he is in the room. Motion detection helps the family keep in touch and alerts you when your pet wakes up or if there are any disturbances in your home. The Petcube play comes with a built-in laser toy while the Petcube bites allow you to give your dog a treat from your phone.

  1. Komfort Pets Climate-Controlled Pet Carrier

For pet owners who find themselves frequently traveling with their animals, this climate-controlled pet carrier will keep their dogs cool even in scorching temperatures. The carrier can hold dogs up to 150 lbs and will cool and heat as needed with an LED monitor used to control the temperature.

  1. Voyce Dog Collar

The Voyce dog collar is a non-invasive and autonomous data health metric tracker. The collar uses IoT technology to give owners analytics on their dog’s health in real-time. It’s like a Fitbit for your dog!

Voyce Measures the following:

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Blood Pressure
  • Quality of Rest
  • Resting Respiratory Rate
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Distance Traveled
  • Calories Burned
  • Activity & Intensity
  • Light
  • Core Body Temperature

The data Voyce collects is seamlessly delivered in adaptable integration options with easy-to-navigate viewing dashboards. Voyce can also be integrated into other sensor technologies. Now pet owners have access to clinical data at all times which is backed up on the cloud.

The Future of High Tech Pet Gear

Every day engineers and inventors are dreaming up even cooler high tech pet gear every day. Stay posted to Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique for even more updates and reviews!


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Best on the Go Water Bottles for Dogs

Providing water for your dog when walking, hiking, or camping is essential for their health. I remember in my younger (and dumber) days, using my own hands as a makeshift bowl for my dog to get a drink. We’ve come a long way since then. The market is full of awesome water bottles for dogs that makes traveling and exploring so much easier.

Instead of dragging around wasteful amounts of plastic bottles and pouring most of the water on the ground, instead of it being slurped up by your dog’s tongue, you can get an eco-friendly water bottle once and for all. This is much more efficient and convenient for everyone. Water bottles for dogs won’t take up valuable space while hiking and are better for the environment.

When it’s hot outside, even short walks around the neighborhood need to be punctuated with water breaks. If your pet becomes dehydrated this can lead to adverse health effects. Make sure your dog is adequately hydrated at all times. Know the signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion just in case.

Signs of Dehydration:

  • Tiredness/Lethargy
  • Excessive Panting
  • Sunken Eyes
  • Dry Mouth, Nose, Gums
  • Lack of Skin Elasticity

The best water bottle for your dog will ensure your dog can always get a cold drink if needed. This helps save the planet one plastic water bottle at a time. Now your dog can be hydrated, fashionable, and green! This list reviews our top favorite water bottles for dogs.

1. The H204K9

There is nothing worse than buying a new gadget—getting really excited about it—just to have it break after a few uses. This is not going to happen with the H204K9. This combo pack neosling and 25-ounce water bottle and travel bowl is very durable. The bottle is made of stainless steel and the twist top lid is BPA-free! The sling makes it easy to carry while walking or hiking.

Giving your dog a drink is easy with this water bottle. Simply unscrew the top and pour. The few downsides this product has is that you have to hold the bowl up for your dog. Some have also commented that the lid was too small for their large dog’s snout but we haven’t had any problems.

2. Water Rover Bowl and Bottle

The rover is awesome for walks to the dog park or around the neighborhood. We loved it because you can clip it to your belt, which makes this hands-free option convenient when you’re already holding a leash in one hand. This water bottle for dogs can also lay flat so you can put it down at the park without holding it.

If your dog doesn’t drink every drop in the bowl, all you have to do is tilt the water back toward the bottle and you won’t waste any water. The Rover comes in 10 different colors and four sizes for any dog breed. The only con of this product is that the plastic the bottle is made with doesn’t seem the most durable.

3. Aqua Dog Travel Water Bowl Bottle

This water bottle has one of the coolest designs. The Aqua dog is a BPA-free plastic squeeze bottle that fills the bowl that sits on top with pressure. Once a dog is done drinking, the water will drain back into the bottle. The water bottle holds 18-ounces of water and can fit easily into most cup holders.

The water bottle has a hard time staying vertical in the grass and can be easily knocked over by your dog, but other than this we loved this product.

4. Gulpy Dispenser for Dogs

This water bottle essentially works the same way as a gerbil’s water bottle dispenser—gravity. The bottle holds 20-ounces of water and transforms from a clip-on pack to a functional water bottle by flipping open.

The Gulpy is perfect for the outdoorsy type that likes to conquer hiking trails on the weekends. The collapsible bowl can easily clip onto a waistband or backpack and is mostly leak-free. The one downside is sturdiness. If you drop this product it might not make it.

5. Lixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl

Lixit claims that this water bottle will not spill, even when flipped upside down. As long as you tighten the lid it didn’t seem like leakage would be a problem. This water bottle is perfect for road trips. The BPA-free plastic design lays flat so it can be set up in a car. This water bottle also works for dogs that like to knock their water bottle over.

The design of the bottle lets just enough liquid rush toward the bowl section of the bottle so that a dog can get a drink without leaking. The Lixit holds 3 quarts of water and ice can be added to keep water fresh and cool for your doggie!

Although we didn’t have any problems, some customer reviews said they had issues with the water bottle leaking.

We hope you and your dog get an awesome water bottle that keeps them from getting too thirsty and keeps the landfills free of plastic this summer.


Have fun and Play Dirty, Live Clean!


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Cute Summer Clothes for Dogs

Is Dressing Up My Dog A-OK? Or, Should Clothes for Dogs Stay On the Rack?

First, there’s National Dress Up Your Dog, Cat, Horse, Guinea Pig, Goat, Pig, Fish…Pet Day! Emphasis on dogs. Then there’s July 4th, Halloween, and somewhere in between the year, your dog’s birthday. All these days, plus when you get to hashtag pictures #weeklyfluff, are great excuses to grab some clothes for dogs and throw a fashion show!

What is cuter than a Dachshund dressed like a Hot Dog at a friend’s Barbecue? A French Bulldog dressed like a Frenchman or even French fries, yes! Or, what about a Chihuahua adorning a Taco Suit for Cinco De Mayo? A Pug dressed as a lion is always a hilarious sight!

Appareling clothes for dogs is too much fun! It’s a way to involve your pet in the holidays, get your Instagram game on point, and even represent your favorite sports teams. But, how do your pets feel about the charade? Before we tell you how to arrange clothes for dogs to create fabulously cute costumes, we’ll dive into the dog pile of ethics first.

Paws and Reflect: Should We Dress up the Dog?

You know your dog best! You know their temperament—what makes them comfortable, and what makes them go crazy. If your dog is anxious and hates unfamiliar experiences, you should probably opt out of dressing them up. If your dog doesn’t mind the shenanigans, we say go for it! Dogs have been putting up with human silliness for thousands of years. The only thing a dog loves more than treats is you! So if your dog has the personality to let themselves be safely wrapped in clothes for dogs, then sure, adapt your favorite wizard movie into your dog’s next Halloween costume—Harry Barker.

Pet parents also need to consider the weather. During the cold months, some dogs actually might benefit from being wrapped in a sweater. Ice melting chemicals and snow itself can be harmful to a dog, so booties over their paws will help their paws stay healthy. Not all dogs are genetically predisposed to cold northern weather and an extra layer will keep them warm. On the other side, Nordic dogs have an extra layer in their double coats. This keeps them naturally insulted and regulates temperature. Putting them in clothes could overheat them.

Safety First:

  • Take Measurements. Clothes that are too loose can’t trip your dog. Clothes for dogs that are too tight will be uncomfortable and possibly suffocating.
  • Materials. Wool, silk, and flannel will keep a dog warm, but cotton is more breathable. If if is snowing, cotton will also get wet. Keep these things in mind.
  • Be attentive. If your dog is showing signs of discomfort undress them!
  • No pants. Dogs can’t possibly walk with pants on. Plus this is not going to be fun when it’s time for them to use the bathroom.

Dog Anxiety Relief Clothing

Many pet parents swear by products like ThunderShirts—a vest that applies gentle swaddling pressure that comforts a dog. A dog’s evolution points to this gentle pressure giving them relief from fireworks or lightning. Similar to cave beds, some dogs like to be nestled. This replicates the burrowing habits of their ancestors. Clothes for dogs are designed to mimic this same sense of familiarity.

How to Style and Make Your Dog Fab in Clothes for Dogs

Dress your dog to fit their personality. If your bulldog has the bad to the bone biker attitude, put a Harley Davidson bandanna over him and spiky black collar.

Maybe your newly adopted mixed breed just has the air of stoicism calling you to dress them up like a philosopher. Some drapery to serve as a toga and a purple sash will have them looking like Socrates in no time. What about the sports? The summer baseball season is rounding home plate and you want to make your pup the most popular pooch at the tailgate!

Most sports teams have clip-on-hats that will sit comfortably on their head representing the Yankees, Cardinals, or the Cubs depending on your team. If you want to go neutral you can dress them like an umpire or even as the baseball itself. Nothing cuter than this!

More Dog Costume Ideas:

  • BatDog
  • CornDog
  • Great White Bark
  • Yo-Dog (Yoda)
  • Beggin’ Bacon
  • Princess
  • Dog-Tini
  • Bark-O-Saurus-Rex
  • Baked Pugtatoe
  • Kissing Booth

If you decide to dress up your dog for any event be sure to play it safe! Your dog can’t slay the runway without being comfortable and content in their cool new attire. Sometimes all you can do is snap some pictures of your pooch in clothes for dogs then call it a day. For even more dog DIY costume ideas click here!

Live Dirty! Play Clean!

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A Reflective Dog Collar Can Actually Save Your Pet’s Life

When it comes to dogs, our pup-inspired imagination has no bounds. There is no shortage of awesomely cute products that can keep your pet stylish and more importantly safe! One of the coolest of these is reflective dog collars. A collar is a versatile tool and accessory—with it, you can lead your dog by a leash, attach their name tag, and keep them safe on roadways. Not to mention reflective dog collars are quite the fashion statement at the dog park!

Why Reflective Dog Collars Will Keep Your Dog Safe

A report from 25 New England schools shows that a staggering 1.2 million dogs and 5.4 million cats are sadly run over each year. Car crashes account for deaths of wildlife too. The Humane Society of the United States reports that 475 million animals are run over a year. Meaning 15 animals are run over every second. This is tragic. The unfortunate truth is that most of these deaths could have been prevented.

One of the easiest ways for you to protect your pet is to use a reflective collar. At night, a car’s headlights turning onto the road will bounce off your dog’s collar. The reflective material will help your dog shine brightly. The material used picks up car headlights, streetlights, and any other lighting. Reflective collars for dogs are perfect for night runs or strolls to watch the sunset. Dogs that bolt because of a lightning storm will also have the added protection if they get lost at night. The added protection will also help you retrieve them because it will be much easier to spot them while you search.

Reflective dog collars can be used in combination with the primary colors already popular on dog collars to maximize your dog’s visibility and safeguard their overall safety. Using a reflective collar will help your dog avoid a deadly car accident and could mean the difference between a painful accident and one lucky dog.

Which Reflective Dog Collar is Right for Your Pup?

There are a wide range of reflective collars on the market and pet experts advise getting one that is durable and won’t slip off. If it does, that defeats the whole purpose. Different collars are made from different materials and not every collar is the same. You will want to get your dog a collar that will last longer and is stitched with a reflective material that allows you to see them from long distances. Of course, you’ll also want them to look snazzy.

There are are a lot of different styles and materials to pick from so we’ll break down our favorites.

3M Scotchlite

These collars were constructed by a Great Dane owner who made the collars for his own dog out of necessity. The collars are affordable and made with a sturdy 500-denier double folded nylon. The collar is designed to ride low on the neck—good for dogs with tapered snouts.


These collars embrace that classic minimalist look coming in six different colors that all look great. The collars are made with Biothane, claimed to be virtually indestructible, waterproof, and flexible.


These collars come in various chic patterns and designs like Henna, 1960s Circle, and the British Flag. Also made with Biothane these collars are durable and bring out the fashionista in your pup!

Blueberry Pet

This brand is the Patagonia for dogs. Made with genuine leather with 3M reflective threads stitched into a polyester webbing. The buckle is made with Eco-friendly plastic too! The line comes in various neck sizes and does not stretch.

Max & Neo MAX Reflective

The main reason we love this collars is not only is it made with double nylon with reflective stitching but for every collar purchased, the company donates a dog collar to a rescue. Love this!


These collars are made with a reflective nylon and come with a personalized embroidery. Instead of a tag, you can put your dog’s name and information right on the collar just in case he gets lost. These come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Night Runs & Hunting Dogs

Athletes that like to take their dogs out for a nightly run will definitely want to get a reflective collar. At night, even with proper street lighting, darkness impairs our vision. This is not secret. Just like you wear reflective gear, it’s important for your dog too!

Dog owners that like to bring their dog hunting will also want to use brightly colored reflective dog collars to keep them safe from any precarious happenings.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique loves all dogs wants to keep them safe and happy for a long, long, time!


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Proper Dog Grooming Apparel Makes a Huge Difference

Speaking from a pet groomers perspective, there is nothing more rewarding and fun than being a dog groomer. You spend your day caring for clients’ dogs ensuring their happiness and well-being. The career path is a dog lovers dream! But like all jobs, it takes the proper resources to maintain optimal performance. Dog grooming apparel is essential!

Dogs are attuned to things humans just aren’t. If groomers don’t have the proper attire they will be uncomfortable. Dogs sense this and will do everything they can to throw you off your game. This is why wearing dog grooming apparel keeps groomers safe and ready for any challenge.

Of course, the pet spa is a damp environment. Dog groomers are constantly bathing and trimming dogs’ coats for a prolonged period of time in wet conditions. Without the right clothing, grooming can start to take a toll on the body. Overly pruned skin will chafe and become irritated while soreness can occur if you’re not wearing shoes with good support. No one wants to come home at the end of the day soaked, covered in fur, with a rash breaking out.

This article explores the materials Splash and Dash groomers use and other available dog grooming apparel on the market.

Dog Grooming Apparel Essentials: Aprons & Smocks

Groomers that walk into work wearing denim jeans and a cotton T-shirt are in for a rough day. Working in wet clothing is a typical grooming hazard. You will want to use water-proof clothing that will keep you flexible, dry, and comfortable. One of the most important pieces in dog grooming apparel repertoire are aprons and smocks.

Pockets are always a plus for the added convenience of storing grooming tools like scissors or combs. Most aprons or smocks have pull over, button, or zip-tie fastening for easy in-and-out. This makes it easy to take apparel on and off in between clients or when going on break.

  • Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Standard Grooming Apron
    • 100% crinkle nylon
    • 100% waterproof
    • Hair-stick resistant
  • Top Performance Fabriguard Contour Grooming Aprons -$20
    • 50% Polyester
    • 50% Nylon
    • Treated with Fabriguard ® to protect against stains
    • Two Pockets
  • Angels Grooming Apparel Reversible Bathing Apron $45
    • Taffeta & Velvet material
    • Waterproof & Hair-stick resistant
    • Available in variety of patterns & colors


Jackets are the second line of defense from all the sudsy water, chemicals, and flea treatment that fly off dogs shaking their coats out. Grooming jackets are usually worn over a shirt and keep hair from sticking to your clothing.

  • Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Standard Grooming V-Neck Jacket
    • 100% crinkle nylon
    • 100% Waterproof
    • Hair-stick resistant
  • Artero Ilva Jacket-$39
    • 100% polyester
    • Full Zip
    • One pocket with overlay and side vents
  • Angels Grooming Apparel Men’s Grooming Jacket-$50
    • Quick-drying
    • Non-fading & non-shrinking machine washable fabric
    • Front Zipper
    • Two Pockets

Groomer Sleeves

Groomer sleeves are great for bathers and groomers that are giving spa treatments to a high volume of dogs. This is especially true at Splash and Dash where we bathe dogs of all sizes. Groomer sleeves come in handy when you have a 100 pound Bernese Mountain Dog that loves splashing you.

Groomer sleeves should be elasticized at both ends to prevent water from seeping into the sleeve. No matter what style of sleeve you choose, make sure it has a snug fit at both ends. There is nothing more annoying that constantly readjusting your sleeves.

  • Bite Buster Sleeves-$59
    • Nitrile & Kevlar material
    • Layer of neoprene padding
  • ProGuard Sleeve Protector Set-$7
    • High-quality vinyl
    • Elastic bands at both ends
  • Activedogs Grooming Bath Sleeves-$19
    • Denier polyester fabric
    • PVC bands at both ends
    • Adjustable hook/loop closures at top & wrist

Gloves and Mitts

Some bathers love gloves and use them religiously while others believe they’re impractical and only use them for the funkier cases. I would advise using gloves when grooming ears and glands.

The trick is to have the right gloves that protect the skin. Prolonged exposure to the shampooed water or parasite products can damage and crack your skin, especially when first beginning. Use trial and error to find a happy medium you prefer when it comes to gloves.

  • Bite Buster The Beast 18″ Glove Set-$140
    • Double layered Kevlar
    • Synthetic puncture resistant polymers
  • Rinse Ace Bath Mitt-$5
    • Latex
    • Nub surface cleans skin fast
    • Brushes while washing
  • Playtex Living Gloves with Dripcatch Cuff-$3
    • 3-layer latex
    • Absorbent cotton lining

Pant Bottoms

Wearing pant bottoms is great! Medical professionals aren’t the only ones wearing full scrubs anymore. Wearing crinkled nylon or polyester pant legging not only keeps you dry but gives you optimal flexibility. This is important when you need to bend over or lift during your sessions.  

The quick-drying and water resistant material is easy to wash and keeps you dry and happy.

  • EZ Care Pants Long 32″ Inseam-$25
    • 100% crinkle nylon
    • 100% waterproof
    • Hair-stick resistant
    • Two double sized pockets & bottom side vents
  • EZ Care Salon Capris
    • 100% crinkle nylon
    • 100% waterproof
    • Hair-stick resistant
    • Elastic waist with drawstring
  • Artero Pants-$30
    • 100% polyester
    • 30″ inseam
    • No pockets


Shoes are undeniably the most important piece of apparel when it comes to safety. Without non-slip shoes, you will definitely be sliding all over the floor and risk falling even with traction mats. Shoes should be breathable, made with water resistant material, and have non-skid soles. You’ll be so thankful you invested in a pair of dog groomers’ shoes when you’re safely balanced at work.

  • Landau Comfort Unisex Clogs-$17 to $24
    • Closed back design for secure fit
    • Easy on-off entry
    • 100% rubber outside for traction
    • Antibacterial sock-liner
  • Anywears Exact Injected Closed Back Shoe-$38
    • Slip resistant \
    • 9 colors & patterns
    • Hand washable

Attend to Your Own Care

What’s the point of dedicating your life to keeping dogs healthy if you’re own body’s health is suffering? Dog groomers love what we do, but if you’re not attentive to your own care, you run the risk of injuring yourself.

The clothes you wear affects your performance. Consider dog grooming apparel a necessity, not a luxury. When you are wearing the right clothes you are going to be much more comfortable. Dogs will pick up on this confident and comfortable energy and will relax with you making it much easier to do your job.

Play Clean. Live Dirty.

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Rescue Dog at the Pet Store Picks Out First Dog Toy Ever

Roo Gets to Participate in Pet Store Tradition

Every loving pet owner knows the joy of taking their four-legged loved ones to the pet store to pick out their own dog toy. It’s a tradition. When a dog combs through the shelves looking for the perfect dog toy to take independently to the clerk just about everyone at the pet store has their heart melt.

When I take my Yorkie—Mercedes—to different Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutiques around the country she goes bonkers! You’ve never seen a dog so excited just to be at their favorite place. The pet store truly is paradise on Earth for dogs. Surrounded by treats, dog toys, and food! What dog wouldn’t be excited to sniff out their favorite toy?

As you guys can see from the video, Roo is delighted to be searching through the pet store. The Golden Retriever takes her time sniffing through the frisbees, then tennis balls, before she finally finds her perfect choice. This moment is even more special because Roo was once abandoned. Her foster parent wanted her to experience the joy that not all dogs get to experience.

Roo makes her way through the aisles of the pet store and finally settles on it—a plush porcupine doll. You can tell when a dog finds a toy they really love. They’ll bite down gently and nuzzle it, almost as if the toy is one of their own puppies. You can see the happiness light up in Roo from the tip of her nose too the tip of her tail!

We at Splash and Dash love seeing moments like this and we hope you do too!


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DIY Pet Supplies: Make Your Own Squeaky Toy at Home

Making Pet Supplies is Easy!

Half the fun of owning a dog can be making their pet supplies for them every once in awhile. It’s hard to say what makes a dog really connect with their dog toy, but when they do it’s incredible. Dogs will whine and fuss over toys as if it’s their own child.

Dogs are instinctual creatures and many of their domesticated habits are leftover wild habits. There is no coincidence plush duck toys are big hits for dogs. My dog loves chewing toys to shreds. One day I decided to have a sewing party and fix some old clothes. While I was at it, I followed these directions to make my dog some do-it-yourself pet supplies.

Maybe your dog will fall in love with a squeaky toy you make them?

Pet Supplies Needed:

  • Fabric Straps
  • Needle
  • Strong Thread
  • Scissors
  • Squeaky Device



  1. Choose two pieces of fabric of the same size for the outer covering the squeaky toy.

Use heavier fabrics, like denim or corduroy, for larger more exuberant dogs.

  1. Put the fabric pieces together and sew three sides together, leaving the fourth open.
  2. Clip loose threads and turn the pouch inside out.
  3. Fill the toy with loose fabric scraps.
  4. Wrap the squeaky in fabric and sew ends of the fabric.
  5. Tuck the squeaky into the middle of the pouch.
  6. Add more fabric scraps until the toy is firm.
  7. Leave enough room to fold the open side of the toy over, and then sew it tightly closed.

Now enjoy your new pet supplies made from scratch, love, and a little elbow grease!

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique loves when pet parents show their love to their pets in any fashion, but we understand if you’re not the do-it-yourself type. Our shops offer huge assortments of affordable high-quality pet products that we give to our own dogs at home. Come on in and check it out yourself!

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Pet Store is Closed But Devastated Dog Refuses to Leave

Dog Comes to Terms with Pet Store Being Closed

But first, a joke. I have a dog that’s half Pitbull, half Poodle. Not much of guard dog, but a vicious gossip. Ha! I heard that corny little number at the pet store the other day and thought I would share the quote. Spread the humor and let’s keep rolling our eyes and our jokes dry.

Now, for the main event.

Today’s viral video is titled, “Dog upset pet store is closed, refuses to leave.” This video amalgams the stubbornness, intelligence, and love all dogs possesses in a matter of a minute and four seconds. The scene takes place around 11 p.m. in the city that never sleeps. Although it seems that pet stores do close in New York City because this dog just missed her opportunity.

We are presented with Samo—half Beagle, half Labrador— a dog that has ventured to the pet store with her owner after hours. Samo sits down, sullen, undeterred, from the entranceway to NYC pets, her presumably favorite pet store.

Her owner tries to reason with her, “I promise they’re not open, Sam come on,” she tries to coo Samo from her seated position of protest against the pet store operating hours. “I promise they’re closed. Come on. Come on.”

Samo’s owner begins to pull her leash. The dog reluctantly follows her owner before making one final leap toward the entrance. She gazes in the window. Half of what she sees is her reflection. The other half, the pet store beauty that lies disdainfully beyond the dog’s reach.

A whole mountain of dog food, toys, treats, maybe even a new dog bed. The dog does not whine. She does not cry. We only see the emphatic woes in her refusal to budge.

Tough break pup, tough break.


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Splash and Dash Releases Aromatherapy Line

Dogs interact with the world through their noses.

During stressful times like trips to the veterinarian, or when neighbors launch fireworks, doggie stress increases. This is when dogs can show erratic behavior like excessive barking or running away. When a dog associates positive scents with positive feelings this can be relaxing.

Aromatherapy is a way to help soothe your pet. It offers a safe alternative to make your pet feel comfortable. Most dogs hate bath time. The feeling of being bathed is a foreign and stressful experience. By using aromatherapy during bath time, and other times of stress, pet owners can curb the anxiety their dogs feel.

Come in to Splash and Dash where you and your dog can discover nirvana! Pick from one of our four new amazing shampoo treatments: Renew, Energy, Hydrate, and Relax.


Three New Pet Supplies Entering the Market

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique keeps an eye on cool new pet supplies entering the market, not only to sell in our shops, but to test out with our own dogs too.

If we think products are as useful as they are innovative we try and provide them for our favorite people and animals—you guys!

The pet industry has blossomed in the last decade and with this growth comes endless new cutting edge and pet-inspired products to sample. From dog beer to a PoopPot, Splash and Dash wanted to tell you what we think of three unique new pet supplies for the Fido in your life.

Pet Supplies for Your Dog’s Inner Pub-Hound: Bowser Beer

What’s better than getting home from a hard day’s work and having a nice cold one? The same is true for your dog. After a hard day lounging around the house, begging for treats, and licking your face our canine companions deserve a pet supplies brewski.

Whether it’s a birthday bash or just a casual unwind, Splash and Dash has our eyes on Bowser Beer. Right of the top, we’re letting you know it doesn’t actually have alcohol in it. That’s just irresponsible!

Bowser Beer is great because it is healthy and delicious for your dogs. The topper is formulated with human-grade proteins combined with malt barley which contains amino acids,  glucosamine, and B Vitamins. There is no added salt or fat. The ‘beer’ is essentially a dressed up dog broth. Currently, there are three flavors available for your pooch—Brown Beefy Ale (Beef), Cock-a-doodle Brew (Chicken), and Porky Pug Porter (Pork).

The Responsible Pet Parents Saving Grace: PoopPot

As conscience pet parents we never fail to scoop. It’s just rude. Most pet-friendly cities take aims to make it easier for pet parents to go about picking up our dog’s waste like providing bags and trash cans, but what about those walks through the neighborhood where your stuck holding a plastic bag filled with stink?

From all the way across the pond comes the answer: PoopPot. The PoopPot comes in two sizes small and large and is basically a mobile and collapsible trash can that can clip to your belt. The lid is airtight making walks odor-free. The conical shape adjusts to size and is easily collapsed for storage when not in use.

We at Splash and Dash found it easier to use than a typical poop scoop because of it’s mobility.

For the Love of Dogs

We saw the design and just fell in love with these sculpture adornments for the garden. Carruth Studios makes an exceptionally cute garden sculpture called For the Love of Dogs. The sculpture is a heart embroidered with different dog faces in the composition of a puzzle.  Each doggie face borders another.

These are days of being a proud pet parent and with the market offering an endless amount of pet supplies to boast your affections  you’re in no short supply.

Each sculpture is hand-crafted and wrapped. Stones come in Terracotta, Natural Stone, Aged Stone, Green, and Designer White. Planting one of these in your yard will plant a seed of happiness for all who see.


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