Spa Treatments That Your Pup Needs

Regular Spa Treatments are Vital to a Dog’s Health

Owning a dog is one of life’s most joyful experiences. Coming home to a wagging-tail and happy, expectant eyes is an amazing feeling that dog owners relish. As you know, dogs have amazing abilities to enrich our human lives. Owning a dog has been shown to lower Cortisol, the stress hormone, which is why therapy dogs have such impressive results. Studies have even shown that having a dog around your infant helps strengthen a child’s immune system. Your dog gives you unconditional love and care! Showing this requisite love is pretty simple: provide healthy foods, spa treatments, and lots of affection.

At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, we are here to help with all three! The spa treatments we offer are made with your dog’s needs in mind, and the products in our stores are the same products we use at home with our own dogs.

Grooming is a vital part of a dog’s general health. A trained groomer can help keep a dog’s skin pH balanced, provide a wellness check for diseases or parasites, and style your dog’s coat in a way that is healthy and chic. Grooming is preventative care that can stop medical issues before they begin. This helps save money by avoiding costly visits to the vet. It also saves you time, you would otherwise spend cleaning your dog and house from all the shedding! Regular grooming for many dogs is a tedious process and it’s not always easy to get it done with a busy schedule. This makes professional grooming a practical part of owning a dog.

Veterinarians suggest beginning dog grooming around eight to 12-weeks-old and no later than 16-weeks-old. Starting early allows your puppy to associate grooming as a good thing. This will make grooming easier for them and their groomer for life. It’s also important to start early because establishing good grooming habits for your dog is important for their health. Common issues like matting, periodontal disease, and kidney disease can all be easily prevented by regular trips to the groomer.

This article walks dog owners through the importance of spa treatments for a happy and healthy doggo!


Brushing is one of the most overlooked parts of spa treatments.

All dogs shed. Hair shedding is a continuous process despite the season. Regular brushing removes any dead hair and dander that is trapped in a dog’s coat and stops painful matting from turning a coat into a knot. Brushing also distributes a dog’s skin oils—preventing hot spots and other skin irritations.

Dogs need to be brushed every day. You can brush your dog at home, or have a professional do it as much as you needed on top of a wash with the Splash and Dash signature service!


Having your dog bathed regularly is another important part of a healthy grooming schedule. It’s just as easy with the signature service, which lets you take your dog in for a bath whenever you want!

We use all-natural eco-friendly dog shampoos that remove the debris and chemicals—picked up from lawns and concrete–away from your dog’s coat. Quality shampoos also help lock in needed moisture and vitamins for a vibrant coat shine and healthy skin.

Ears & Eyes

Cleaning a dog’s ears and eyes are important to make sure your pup doesn’t get an infection.

Dogs that are prone to tear staining (epiphora) have a higher risk of yeast infection and the area around their muzzle will need to be cleaned often.

A dog’s ears are also susceptible to infection. To prevent redness, swelling, or a smelly discharge your dog’s ears need to be cleaned at least twice a month. This also inhibits parasites from making their home in your dog’s ears.

Nail Clipping

If you can hear the click-clack of your dog’s nails making contact with your floor, then their nails are too long!

Before domestication, dogs’ nails grind down naturally as they walked over rough terrain. Most dogs today will get their daily walks in, but this not nearly enough for their nails to wear down. When a dog’s nails are too long, they will compensate with bad posture—torquing their spine and locking their legs into what’s known as ‘goat on the rock’ posture. This can lead to joint issues and immobility later on in life.

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed also helps prevent overgrown nails from cutting into their pads and infection in their nail bed.

Teeth Brushing

Bad breath is only the beginning. Brushing your dog’s teeth and providing dental chews will stop gingivitis and periodontal disease along with that bad fishy smell we get when our dogs lick our faces. Built up plaque hardens into tartar, a magnet for bacteria. This overabundance of bacteria can leak into a dog’s bloodstream. This causes kidney disease and other organ issues that are preventable with good oral care.

Splash and Dash offers dental care and will work with your dog to freshen breath and brighten smiles!

Glands & Sanitary Areas

Have you ever watched your dog do the infamous drag-the-butt-across-the-carpet move? We all have. We all laugh. But the reason they’re doing this is grosser than you would think!

All dogs have anal glands that naturally express themselves as they do their business. Toy breeds sometimes have a harder time expressing their glands and need some help relieving the pressure. When a dog scoots their butt across the ground, they are attempting to relieve this pressure themselves. This move also leaves some stinky-smelling stuff on your carpet. You can express your dog’s glands at home, but there is no shame in having a professional do it. We don’t blame you.

The sanitary areas are also important for ‘doggie business.’ Long hairs can trap urine or fecal matter in their fur and no one wants to have that in their house! Regular trimming of the sanitary areas keeps everything hygienic and will be much more comfortable for your pet.

Specialty Spa Treatments

On top of the signature service, Splash and Dash offers some awesome pampering spa treatments that will leave your dog looking and smelling great.

Doggie Facials

We have a Blueberry and Pinkberry doggie facial which cleanses the pores around a dog’s face and muzzle. A facial also helps rid tear stains caused by epiphora and cleans up the fur around the muzzle if your pupperoni is a messy eater.


An effervescent pawdicure attends to your dog’s cracked pads and will cleanse away any chemicals found in fertilizers.


What pet spa treatment is complete without some blissful scents formulated to induce a desired emotional state? Yes. We’re still talking about dogs here. Splash and Dash offers four different scents that help relax your dog with a safe ratio of all-natural botanical fragrances.


All Splash and Dash spa treatments are 100% guaranteed and this guarantee can be seen in the lack of dog hair no longer accumulating on your couch. Using specialty shampoos and grooming techniques, your dog’s coat will be sleek and shiny on their body, not your furniture!

At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we have a variety of care options administered by trained professionals to give your dog that same spa experience you receive at a human spa. We also offer top-of-the-line products like toys, treats, food and more! Come on by and check out all the fun happenings at our stores across the nation!


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High Tech Pet Gear You Didn’t Know You Needed

High Tech Pet Gear & Gadgets

One of the best times to own a pet is right now. Today’s innovation makes way for modern pet gadgets that can make your dog’s life better, and your life easier. High tech pet gear first started taking off in 2009 when the category first became popular on Amazon. Since then, inventors and pet enthusiasts have collaborated on some really cutting-edge pet products.

Ranging from the practical to the strange, tons of high tech pet gear is available for you and your doggo. Even those who can’t own a pet due to allergies or living-facility restrictions may have options soon. Robotics researcher, Steve Yohana, developed what he calls the Haptic Creature—a robot designed to re-create touch based communication. The robot looks like a rabbit, with short fur on its belly and two ears. The Haptic Creature simulates purring, breathing, and ear twitching. Peculiar, yes, but Yohana says he’s had enough requests to make him interested marketing the product after his research is completed.

The availability of the quirkier gadgets makes sense as the pet industry continues to swell. More people own pets in the U.S. now more than ever. Meaning, more dogs to care for with high tech pet gear. In 2016, pet owners spent $66.75 billion. As the Millennials replace the older generations as the primary pet owners, many want their dog to have the best care available. This means going outside of the traditional toy box to find some updates on old classics and new gadgets to teach an old dog new tricks.

High Tech Novelty Items

Market experts say that high-tech novelty items are the most widely sought after products from pet parents. Items like gear that translates your cat’s meows into human languages. Or, treat feeders that give you the power to launch treats across the room like a T-shirt cannon at a baseball game are filling up aisles at pet stores.

  1. The Woofer

Putting clothes on dogs is cute, but it’s old news. Most pet boutiques have all the stylish clothing your dog needs, but few have clothes that are also speakers. The Woofer is a dog jacket that plays music! Now you can play music as you run with your dog or even turn the dog park into a dance party.

Yes, we’re thinking what you’re thinking. Veterinarian specialists have approved The Woofer as safe for your dog’s acute sense of hearing. The speaker is located on the backside of your dog, away from their ears, and volume levels are in the safe zone. The jacket comes in four sizes to fit breeds from a Jack Russell to a German Shepherd.

  1. Pet Snack Launcher

There are few companies making these hand held pet treat launchers that make giving your dog a treat make you feel like you’re in Kubrick’s “2001 Space Odyssey.” Most treat launchers are pretty cheap, but not all function the same, so ask your pet groomer or read reviews to get the highest-quality launcher.

Simply load up your dog’s favorite treats into the top cartridge and push the button. This interactive toy makes treat-time more of a game. You can master launching the treats into the eager jaws of your doggo for a seamless chomp.


There are a bunch of apps available on smartphones to help you decipher your dog’s bark, or your cat’s meow, into human languages. The most popular of all these devices is a collar called CATTERBOX. The collar translates your cat’s meows and generates a human voice deciphering the point your cat’s trying to get across. Usually, feed me. The collar works with the developer’s app and gives you various options for your cat’s new reproduced voice.

Cats aren’t the only ones having fun. There are dog translator apps available on the smartphones and the What’s Yapp dog collar is in beta version. These items combine hard science, imagination, and a fun ability to suspend your skepticism.

Functional Items & Practical Gadgets

Novelty products aren’t the only things you might consider getting for your dog. A variety of new high tech pet gear designed to make tedious parts of owning a dog less effortful are entering the marketplace too. For therapy dogs working with owners that have limited mobility, there are products that perform the physical parts of fetch for you.

  1. GoDogGo

This is automatic ball launcher is the world’s first fetch machine. The launcher has been around since 1999 and is now in its fourth generation of development. The way it works is simple. Train your dog to place the ball into the upper bucket part of the toy. The ball is then launched into the air for Fido to catch. Different weighted balls determine how high the ball will fly. A tennis ball will launch 6 feet high and be propelled about 11 feet from the device. A weighted GoDogGo ball will launch up to 15 feet away at the same vertical height.

This piece of high tech pet gear is perfect for dogs that are obsessed with fetch and demand that ball is thrown every minute of every second of the day.

  1. MagneClip

This is a low tech innovation with high tech functionality. This is one of those products that’s so simple you’re hitting yourself in the head for not thinking of it yourself. The MagneClip is a clip that attaches your dog’s collar to their leash. It uses a magnet instead of a spring loaded latch. Simple, but very handy!

Many dog owners know the struggle of holding waste bags in one hand, a water bottle in the other while trying to finagle the leash clip onto their dog’s collar. With spring loaded latches, the process becomes painstaking. Spring loaded clips jam and are meticulous. The MagneClip makes attaching a leash to a collar one fluid motion.

  1. Litter Robot II

This litter box looks more like a part of a space shuttle than high tech pet gear. But trust us, if you get one for your house, you’ll never go back to the low-tech life.  The Litter-Robot is a litter chamber that that has an upward-facing entryway where your cat can enter to do his business. The litter is sifted after every use and is automatically deposited into a drawer for reduced spilling and easy disposal which conserves litter.  A self-adjusting weight sensor detects a cat’s’ weight so every cat you own can use the Litter Robot. 

Pet Safety Items

Having a pet is almost the same amount of responsibility as having a child. Fortunately, there are awesome products out there to help pet owners mitigate that responsibility. As the future becomes the present, pet owners can care for their pets even when they’re not home.

  1. Petcube

This company is pioneering the ability for pet owners to interact with their pets remotely. Both the Petcube play and Petcube bite feature 2-way audio that lets your pet hear you and vice versa. Each also streams 1080p HD video equipped to rotate on a 138°  wide angle view with 3x zoom capability.

These features make it so that you can see your pet wherever he is in the room. Motion detection helps the family keep in touch and alerts you when your pet wakes up or if there are any disturbances in your home. The Petcube play comes with a built-in laser toy while the Petcube bites allow you to give your dog a treat from your phone.

  1. Komfort Pets Climate-Controlled Pet Carrier

For pet owners who find themselves frequently traveling with their animals, this climate-controlled pet carrier will keep their dogs cool even in scorching temperatures. The carrier can hold dogs up to 150 lbs and will cool and heat as needed with an LED monitor used to control the temperature.

  1. Voyce Dog Collar

The Voyce dog collar is a non-invasive and autonomous data health metric tracker. The collar uses IoT technology to give owners analytics on their dog’s health in real-time. It’s like a Fitbit for your dog!

Voyce Measures the following:

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Blood Pressure
  • Quality of Rest
  • Resting Respiratory Rate
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Distance Traveled
  • Calories Burned
  • Activity & Intensity
  • Light
  • Core Body Temperature

The data Voyce collects is seamlessly delivered in adaptable integration options with easy-to-navigate viewing dashboards. Voyce can also be integrated into other sensor technologies. Now pet owners have access to clinical data at all times which is backed up on the cloud.

The Future of High Tech Pet Gear

Every day engineers and inventors are dreaming up even cooler high tech pet gear every day. Stay posted to Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique for even more updates and reviews!


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Dog Salons and Other Pet Trends Here to Stay

Consider Using a Pet Salon to Pamper Your Pooch and Safeguard Their Wellness with Professional Grooming

I remember the days before I found my dog. The family would get home from work and school to find an unsettling quiet within our house. Then we got Mercedes—my lovely Yorkshire Terrier—and things became pleasantly different. Mercedes is the princess of the house and I wanted to treat her like one. I started taking her to the pet salon where she was tended for as the furry diva she is.

This is what I wanted. Dogs are not simply pets, they are part of the family and won’t go rotten when you spoil them like kids. Of course, Mercedes gets the best food on a rotational diet, her choice of plush toys, and high-quality veterinarian service. But when I took her to these big-box pet salons for grooming we both walked away unexcited.

The service was mediocre. Usually some kid who didn’t know the first thing about my dog’s needs.  The prices seemed a little outrageous for a standard grooming. I wanted a pet salon where the groomer knew Mercedes by name and would give her the affection I would, if I had the time to groom her at least once a week. This is when Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique started—a pet salon that is dedicated to education, love, and exemplary service that me and Mercedes perfected for other pet parents to fall in love with.

Using a pet salon saves time, money, keeps my house clean, and best of all I can trust the people who spoil my little Yorkie in extravagance. If you haven’t tried a pet salon for your fur-baby, I urge you to give it a try.

A Pet Salon Saves Time

Dogs of all breeds require a lot of attention to maintain the health of their coat, teeth, and nails. Dogs need to be brushed daily, especially when they’re shedding. Brushing keeps the house clean and coat and skin in good shape. The same goes for doggie’s oral care. Depending on the condition of your dog’s teeth, most veterinarians advise teeth brushing around every three days to once a week. Mercedes also needs her nails trimmed every two months and the process can be tedious. One top of all this, she still needed to get a bath!

As most pet parents do, I take my dog to the dog park routinely. The park is great fun for the dog, but it’s also a haven for dog’s to get insanely dirty. I had muddy paw prints and pet hair everywhere. We would come home from playing with mother nature strewn all over my house as Mercedes shook it off her coat! Dogs that live an exciting but dirty lifestyle need a bath once a week.

Who has time to do all this? I love my furr-baby but the last thing I want to do after work is groom my dog.

This is why a pet salon is so convenient! I can drop Mercedes off at the dog salon anytime I want where she can get a relaxing hydro-massage bath in sudsy luxury. If she needs any new toys, food, or even a new dog bed it’s all right there. Saves me so much time! If I were to gather all the grooming supplies and do it at home, I would spend hours every week tending to Mercedes’s wellness. I just don’t time have time.

With the pet salon, it’s a breeze.

They take care of everything which frees me up to do the things I actually love to do with my dog—her laying in my lap as I watch reruns of Roseanne.

No Mess, No Fuss

Mercedes is good with baths. She welcomes the suds, but I have so many friends who say the opposite. Getting their dog into the bathtub was like trying to walk away from a used car lot in a good mood. That Boxer was not getting in the tub!

Then once you get the dog into the tub they act as if you’re torturing them. You’ve taken every painstaking step to ensure their comfort—good water temperature, expensive hypoallergenic conditioner, you even busted out their favorite treats to make the whole situation positive. Yet as soon as you turn your back for just a second. Boom! The boxers out of the tub and bathroom is now a puddle of dog hair and dirty water.

Every pet owner in the world knows what comes next. The shake. Before you can even get the towel over them—their shaking every drip all over the bathroom, coating the mirror. You can’t get mad, that’s what dogs do. What you can do is cut out the hassle and take your dog to a pet salon.

Every Splash and Dash facility has all the conveniences and supplies to adequately wash your dog. Not only do they have the equipment, but the well-trained staff is knowledgeable in handling dogs that hate bath time. Just drop off your dirty dog—grab a cup of coffee or get some grocery shopping done—then come back to a lovely smelling and happy doggie.

Also, one of my favorite parts about the pet salon is the price.

I was paying $100 dollars at big-box pet grooming places for a grooming and bath. At Splash and Dash, the signature service membership starts at $39.95. If you take advantage of the membership and get your dog bathed once-a-week, it almost pays for itself in time saved, no longer needing to buy grooming products, and the bathroom tub is fur-free!

Professional Grooming Techniques

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique signature service includes unlimited monthly bath and brush per month. If you just cleaned the house and don’t want Fido to ravage the place, take him down to the pet salon. Whenever you have houses guests, before vacations, or if the dog park was particularly muddy—you can take your dog for a bath whenever you want.

Pet salon groomers are also skilled in cutting any kind of doggie haircut you want. From Boo, the Pomeranian’s internet-famous teddy bear cut, to showroom style grooming, to a simple refreshing cut for the summer—pet salon groomers can handle it all. Just tell them what your dog wants.

Grooming a dog is a super involved task and if you don’t know what you’re doing you could hurt your dog. Professional groomers at the pet salon are trained to pamper your dog as they trim their coats. It’s a combination of precision and love that puts a smile on your dog’s face every time.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique services Include:

  • Bathing
  • Brushing
  • Full-Coat Grooming
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Nail Trimming
  • Gland Cleaning
  • Pawdicure
  • Facials
  • Nail Painting
  • Nourish Conditioning
  • Aromatherapy
  • DeShed Service

The difference between a pet salon and your run-of-the-mill dog grooming place is, of course, the spa element. It’s like the difference between a barber shop and a day spa. You can get your haircut at any old hair place, or you can get the full package of luxury-fueled indulgence at a day spa. Pet salons are the doggie equivalent. Humans deserve some R&R.

So do our furr-babies!


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Corgi Puppy Experiences Sweet Life of Pet Spa

A Slice of Life from the Pet Spa


Watching this video is sooo relaxing. It’s almost like an optical illusion—almost like you’re the one getting the massage. Watching this baby Corgi experiencing the magic of the pet spa is as cute as it is calming. You can literally watch the tension melt away from this dog. His eyes are close—the faint hint of a euphoric smile across his snout.


Dogs feel stress too, just like humans. And, just like humans, they need ways to de-stress and relax. Some animals suffer from anxiety caused by thunderstorms or owner separation. Unhealthy doses of cortisol releasing from the pituitary gland can make animals behavior change. This is why many pet experts advise balancing pet wellness with a healthy diet, exercise, and a stress-reducing visit to a pet spa.


Also, as pets age, they develop stiff joints, arthritis, and soreness. The comforts of the pet spa like aromatherapy, massaging, and dog grooming all alleviate these old age debilitations.


Science aside, and cuteness as the focal point. Look at this Corgi puppy. Does he look stressed to you? We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique believe it is safe to say that at the very least, this dog is enjoying himself. His trip to pet spa, and into the hands of this pet massage therapist is just what he needed.


Good for you Corgi Puppy. Good for you….


We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique hope you enjoyed this video and bring your loved one in for some R&R sometimes soon.


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Dachshund Versus Banana

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas

Pet Services 101: How to Wrap Your Cat


We all remember the scene.


The one from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. You know the one I’m talking about. The one where the extended Griswold family is filtering into household and Aunt Bethany and Uncle Lewis first appear. Aunt Bethany gives the family a present that meows and shakes inside the box. I think it’s a first in fictional pet services, but it seems the senile Aunt Bethany has wrapped the cat up and gifted it to the Griswold family. This is what happens. Hilarious debauchery ensues.


We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique would never do it. But we have often wondered how one would go about the pet services of getting a cat wrapped in a Christmas present. Is such a thing even possible? How would the cat react, and what is the proper methodology to properly perform pet services? All of the above are answered in today’s viral video aptly titled, “How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas,” which was uploaded by the folks over at YouTube channel MoreFlippyCat, a partner of course FlippyCat— a leader in comedic pet services and antics.


The video begins with first selecting the right wrapping paper. You and your cat need to have a thorough discussion about patterns, thickness, and overall likeability before selecting the right wrapping paper to use. Once this is complete, you will need to comfort your cat, then get them into place. A few petting strokes will do, and over petting your cat may get them to lose interest preferring to chase the laser pointer instead. Once your cat is in place, begin wrapping. Important for pet services, do not begin with the tail. Begin with the main body for best results.


Once the main body is comfortably folded and taped over, then it is time to progress to the tail. Begin folding origami-fashion until the entire surface area of the tail is taped over. Tuck thoroughly up to neck area, and place a bow on your cat’s head. If your cat looks grumpy you know you did a good job.


Congratulations! You have performed your first pet services and successfully wrapped your cat.    


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wants to exercise safe cat wrapping skills and please do not harm your pets in any way.


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Golden Retriever Gets a Royal Bath

Watch this Hilarious Pet Spa Video of “Golden King”

Giving a dog a bath can be one of two things.

It can be a pleasant pet spa experience where the dog voluntarily gets in the tub, relaxes into the suds, and is pampered like royalty until the end of the whole blissful ordeal. This is the Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique way. The other end of the of the spectrum involves a wet dog constantly trying to make escape attempts from the tub. Sometimes a third party needs to get involved just to keep the dog in the tub so you can properly shampoo and condition the dog’s coat depending on how bad the dog hates the bath. Things get messy. Messy. When they should get clean. Sometimes it’s best to leave it up to the pet spa experts.

This video is footage of an irregularity in the strict dichotomy within the pet spa realm. The video posted by YouTube channel TheTrendingMaterial is titled, “golden retriever king takes a bath.” It features two beautiful Golden Retrievers. One of the Retrievers is filling up the tub for the other, getting the presumably, alpha male’s pet spa ready for him. We inferred this from the caption at the bottom which reads “Golden King, Your Royal Bath is Ready.”

The “Golden King” comes out from his royal chamber and plops himself down into the pet spa that was prepared by the lowly serf. The Retriever’s coat is massive and you can tell this guy needs a lot of pet grooming to stay clean, making the huge dog look more like a bear than a doggie. He’s so big that when he plops down into his tub so much water spills over that his brother backs out of the wake zone.

This is an achievement in pet spa maneuvers and we hope you enjoy the video!

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Golden Retriever Could Possibly Be Enjoying His Massage

Watching this is Almost Like Being at The Pet Spa…Almost

It’s true, seeing this dog’s stress melt away as he gets a full body massage at the pet spa is almost like getting a massage yourself. At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we are guilty of personifying our dogs, because we see their personalities shining everyday. Our passion for dogs is why we love to come to work each morning. If you got to see a face like this Golden Retriever every day at work, who wouldn’t want to come to work?

People are pampering their pets more and more. Dogs and cats are children–only they have four legs instead of two. The best part about having four legged children is that you can spoil them every once in a while by bringing them to the pet spa. That is exactly what happened in today’s viral video. The video is titled, “Dog Gets Full Body Massage,” and was uploaded by YouTube Channel The Dodo. We love this channel because they are committed to sharing awesome videos for animal lovers.

The video shows a Golden Retriever getting his massage and you can literally see the tension melt away. But to be honest this dog’s life is probably pretty sweet anyways. At the final moments of the video, the dog yawns, and you can see the ultimate look of relaxation.

We loved this video and we hope you enjoy it too!

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Why Pet Owners Should Consider Aromatherapy

Pet Spa Treatment Reduces Pet Stress

Dogs interact with the world with their noses. During stressful times like trips to the veterinarian, or when neighbors launch fireworks, doggie stress increases. This is when dogs can show erratic behavior. When a dog is stressed they are more likely to bolt, run away, or constantly bark. These are instinctual behaviors for canines. Reasons like this are why pet spas exist.

Aromatherapy is a way to help soothe your pet. It offers a safe alternative to make your pet feel comfortable. Most dogs hate bath time. The feeling of being bathed is a foreign and stressful experience. By using aromatherapy during bath time, and other times of stress, pet owners can curb the anxiety their dogs feel.

This article outlines some of the pros of aromatherapy and how to get the most out of scented holistic remedies for a pet spa experience.

Alternative to Prescription Medication  

As the number of pet owners in the U.S. rises, so do options in the industry. Recently, there has been a large pharmaceutical push toward using pet medication to alleviate stress. This can be effective and useful in certain cases, but can also be potentially problematic.

Every case is different, but many times using medication with your dog does not address the root of the problem. A clinical application can sometimes only develop a dependency on medication. Medications can also be overly expensive. Pet medication for stress or anxiety is contradictory as human medications. For the same reasons humans opt for hollistic remedy is why pet owners are choosing pet spa treatment and aromatherapy to help decrease the stress in their dog’slife.

Many canine professionals and pet owners have discovered more natural remedies like rotational diets, proper canine communication, and aromatherapy for pet spa treatments. Humans visit spas to relax and unwind from the pressures of life, dogs need this kind of attention too!

Pet Spa Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the therapeutic inhalation and topical application of pure essential oils. The properties of an infused botanical help restore and enhance health and wellness of a dog’s mental and physical health. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated from various natural raw plant material and promote the same health benefits.

After using aromatherapy remedies, owners can see the improvements in a dog’s nails and coat.

Aromatherapy has been around since 3,500 BC, but the term was first coined in the 1920’s. Recently, pet owners have begun to find about the relaxing properties of aromatherapy and have crafted safe products for our pooches.

To make 1 pound of lavender essential oils takes 200 pounds of lavender tops which are distilled. Because dogs have a sense of smell that is much stronger than humans it is important to dilute the oil even further with water.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique pet spa aromatherapy products have already been diluted with safe ratios that get the most benefit from essential oils without irritating dogs with overpowering scents.

Do not use products with synthetic fragrances like peach, apple, or strawberry. These aromas are not therapeutic and cause your dog harm. Headaches, agitation, and allergic reaction can take place with use of products like this–opposite of the goal of aromatherapy.  

How Dogs Can Benefit

Dogs respond well to scent and touch. There noses are far more acute than humans. Calming sprays and grooming products induce a bonding experience when bathing, and pet owners can use aromatherapy for behavior modification. Spritz a few sprays of pet spa products to dog’s coats or a bandanna for effective use.  

Calming scents with infused essential oil can provide comfort during storms, fireworks, travel, competition, adoptions, bath-time, vet or kennel visits, and holidays.

It is important to introduce scents during a non-threatening time so dogs do not associate the new smell with stressful times. Before bathing your dog with aromatherapy products let them smell it first, then soothe them by petting them before putting them in the bath. You want bath-time to be a pampering pet spa, not a wrestle to get clean.

Available Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Aromatherapy Pet Spa Treatment Products

Shampoos Treatments

Coconut, Cucumber & Green Tea

Coconut Oil–Fights Microbes in the body. Cucumber–Contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Green Tea–Catechins within leaves kill bacteria and inhibit spread of viruses.

Energizing Ginger and Orange Blossom

Ginger–Warming stimulant that reduces swelling in irritated areas on the skin. Orange-fortifies the vascular system and overlaying coats with B vitamins and vitamin C.

Lily Zeal & Moroccan Argan

Lily–effective in treating swelling with astringent and soothing properties. Argan–All natural cleanser that exfoliates and tones cracked skin.

Canary Islands Lavender & Soothing Chamomile

Lavender–tonic for healing burns and deters fleas as a strong antiseptic. Chamomile–pure fatty aromatic substance that works as natural sedative with exfoliating properties.

Body Mists

Morning Dew Revitalizing

Morning Dew–Elixir with hydrating botanical properties.

Geyser H2O and Refreshing Cucumber

Geyser water–mineral enriched water that softens dry and rough skin. Cucumber–hydrates and flushes away toxins.

Citrus and Purifying Pomegranate

Citrus–invigorating anti-depressant qualities help stimulate the immune system. Pomegranate–Anti-viral abundant in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and folic acid which fortifies coat cells.  

Paw Balm

Paw Balm

Balm Ingredients–Promotes a feeling of relaxation and aids with gaining restful sleep.


Effervescent Marie Pawdicure

Sea Salts–Bubbling saline formula containing zinc, calcium, and potassium which scrubs away bacteria.

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Dog Behaviors that May Be Back with Back to School

When back to school comes around, you may notice that your dog’s behavior is changing from what you expect. Maybe they see the bags that you’re packing in anticipation for the first day. Perhaps school has already gotten started and you’ve noticed an increased level of aggression or mischief from your dog. Perhaps you expect behavioral changes with back to school because you witness them every year. Due to back to school, your dog has to get used to the empty house they forgot about over the summer. Here are some behaviors that may show your dog is having a hard time with back to school blues.



Dogs show anxiety typically by panting, pacing, and their eyes darting to the point that you can see the whites in them. They often have their ears back and their heads down. Dogs may not know what changes are happening, but they often can tell when something is going to change. This actually makes back to school scarier because they don’t know what’s coming, but they know something is going to change. Just like when you move, your dog may become anxious by watching you pack bags, prepare lunches, and lay out shoes or clothing.



When back to school comes around, it’s easy for families to become tired and forget to put as much attention on their dog as their pet needs. This can mean a lack of playtime, walks, or just regular petting. When dogs don’t receive the attention they want or need, they often turn to mischief as a way of saying ‘look at me!’ If you notice your dog is getting into laundry, taking things, or showing other mischievous, but playful behavior that gets you chasing after them, it’s likely because they feel neglected and just want some attention and playtime. This is easy to solve by throwing a ball around, taking a walk, or playing tug rope for 10-15 minute intervals every once in a while.



When dogs become frustrated, they can often become aggressive. If your dog is showing aggression due to back to school, it may be because mischief didn’t work. It may be because they feel anxious. It’s also often due to a buildup of energy. With the energy from sleeping overnight and sleeping all day while you’re at work and school, that energy can just build and build and with no outlet, your dog will become frustrated from the overpowering feeling of spastic energy growing inside of him.


What to Do if You Experience Back to School Blues

Whether your dog is suffering from aggression, anxiety, mischief, or some other unusual beh


avior, it’s often relatively easy to fix by remembering to give your dog the appropriate amount of attention when you are at home. Remember that your dog doesn’t get any warning that there is going to be a change, it just happens and he has to get used to it in his own time. If you notice that your dog is not adjusting very well to the back to school change, consider talking to your vet or a dog behaviorist about different solutions. You can also head over here and read about a few different options for easing pets back into the back to school mood.