Best on the Go Water Bottles for Dogs

Providing water for your dog when walking, hiking, or camping is essential for their health. I remember in my younger (and dumber) days, using my own hands as a makeshift bowl for my dog to get a drink. We\’ve come a long way since then. The market is full of awesome water bottles for dogs that makes traveling and exploring so much easier.

Instead of dragging around wasteful amounts of plastic bottles and pouring most of the water on the ground, instead of it being slurped up by your dog\’s tongue, you can get an eco-friendly water bottle once and for all. This is much more efficient and convenient for everyone. Water bottles for dogs won\’t take up valuable space while hiking and are better for the environment.

When it\’s hot outside, even short walks around the neighborhood need to be punctuated with water breaks. If your pet becomes dehydrated this can lead to adverse health effects. Make sure your dog is adequately hydrated at all times. Know the signs of dehydration and heat exhaustion just in case.

Signs of Dehydration:

  • Tiredness/Lethargy
  • Excessive Panting
  • Sunken Eyes
  • Dry Mouth, Nose, Gums
  • Lack of Skin Elasticity

The best water bottle for your dog will ensure your dog can always get a cold drink if needed. This helps save the planet one plastic water bottle at a time. Now your dog can be hydrated, fashionable, and green! This list reviews our top favorite water bottles for dogs.

1. The H204K9

There is nothing worse than buying a new gadget—getting really excited about it—just to have it break after a few uses. This is not going to happen with the H204K9. This combo pack neosling and 25-ounce water bottle and travel bowl is very durable. The bottle is made of stainless steel and the twist top lid is BPA-free! The sling makes it easy to carry while walking or hiking.

Giving your dog a drink is easy with this water bottle. Simply unscrew the top and pour. The few downsides this product has is that you have to hold the bowl up for your dog. Some have also commented that the lid was too small for their large dog\’s snout but we haven\’t had any problems.

2. Water Rover Bowl and Bottle

The rover is awesome for walks to the dog park or around the neighborhood. We loved it because you can clip it to your belt, which makes this hands-free option convenient when you\’re already holding a leash in one hand. This water bottle for dogs can also lay flat so you can put it down at the park without holding it.

If your dog doesn\’t drink every drop in the bowl, all you have to do is tilt the water back toward the bottle and you won\’t waste any water. The Rover comes in 10 different colors and four sizes for any dog breed. The only con of this product is that the plastic the bottle is made with doesn\’t seem the most durable.

3. Aqua Dog Travel Water Bowl Bottle

This water bottle has one of the coolest designs. The Aqua dog is a BPA-free plastic squeeze bottle that fills the bowl that sits on top with pressure. Once a dog is done drinking, the water will drain back into the bottle. The water bottle holds 18-ounces of water and can fit easily into most cup holders.

The water bottle has a hard time staying vertical in the grass and can be easily knocked over by your dog, but other than this we loved this product.

4. Gulpy Dispenser for Dogs

This water bottle essentially works the same way as a gerbil\’s water bottle dispenser—gravity. The bottle holds 20-ounces of water and transforms from a clip-on pack to a functional water bottle by flipping open.

The Gulpy is perfect for the outdoorsy type that likes to conquer hiking trails on the weekends. The collapsible bowl can easily clip onto a waistband or backpack and is mostly leak-free. The one downside is sturdiness. If you drop this product it might not make it.

5. Lixit Waterboy Travel Water Bowl

Lixit claims that this water bottle will not spill, even when flipped upside down. As long as you tighten the lid it didn\’t seem like leakage would be a problem. This water bottle is perfect for road trips. The BPA-free plastic design lays flat so it can be set up in a car. This water bottle also works for dogs that like to knock their water bottle over.

The design of the bottle lets just enough liquid rush toward the bowl section of the bottle so that a dog can get a drink without leaking. The Lixit holds 3 quarts of water and ice can be added to keep water fresh and cool for your doggie!

Although we didn\’t have any problems, some customer reviews said they had issues with the water bottle leaking.

We hope you and your dog get an awesome water bottle that keeps them from getting too thirsty and keeps the landfills free of plastic this summer.


Have fun and Play Dirty, Live Clean!


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