Your Dog Deserves All Natural Food

What is the Best All Natural Dog Food?

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique want to preface this article by explaining that all dogs are unique. Some dogs have obesity issues, some need extra protection for their teeth, or even food allergies. Researching the best all natural dog food is a collaborative effort. Take the time to discuss with specialists what specific nutrients your dog’s needs. If you have a dog with any diet peculiarities, please consult your vet before switching diets, or deciding what to feed your new puppy.

With this said, finding the best diet option can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your dog. The best all natural dog food should be packed with protein for building and repairing muscles, glucosamine & chondroitin for joint health, and fatty acids to keep their coats nice and shiny. Providing great food gives your dog a much higher quality of life. In the past few years, we’ve also become more aware of the things you don’t want in your dog’s food.

Look out for:

  • Artificial Chemicals & Colors
  • Chemical Preservatives
  • Synthetic Byproducts
  • Antibiotics
  • Exposure to Pesticides/Herbicides
  • Filler Foods like Sugar or Corn Syrup
  • GMOs

It’s important for pet parents to be able to read a dog food label to know exactly what’s in the treats and food you’re feeding your dog. The good news is, as more people become aware and the demand to provide the best all natural dog food becomes more prevalent, pet food makers are developing healthier formulas every day. This article will walk you through how to make the best selection for your dog.

The Rotational Diet

We’re big fans of the rotational diet and we use this method on our own dogs at home. The rotational diet is based on the science that dogs need variance in their diet. Feeding a combination of dry, wet, fresh, and raw foods is one of the best ways to ensure that your dog gets adequate nutrients.

Most veterinarians agree that feeding a dog a completely raw food diet is the best way to provide nutrients. But we, as dog owners, know this is not always practical for pet parents’ budget, effort, and time. The diversity of a rational diet allows your dog to get most out of their food without breaking your budget and spending hours of prep time each week. Pups who are picky eaters also love the rotational diet because it’s not the same flavor day in and day out.

Using the four elements, you can get your dog on a schedule providing different parts of the rotational diet for each meal. One meal can be the best all natural dry kibble food and a grain-free canned meal for dinner. Fresh meals consist of prepared vegetables and meats without fillers or byproducts which are minimally processed and make excellent snacks. These are known as the ‘scraps.’ Finally, every once in awhile, give your dog a completely raw protein-rich meal. Because dogs have a different anatomy than humans, veterinarians advise that a dog needs one gram per pound of their ideal body weight per day.

Canned Vs. Wet Food

If you choose to opt out of a rotational diet, there is still the decision of getting canned or wet food. Before World War II, all dog food was actually canned. In an effort to ration metal for the war, the U.S. government mandated that pet food was a non-essential. The shortage of metal pushed pet food companies to figure out another way to store and distribute. These companies quickly learned to process the food into kibble by ‘baking it’ and storing the food in bags. After the war, many pet parents loved the convenience of dry bagged dog food and the temporary fix became an industry standard.

The issue with dry food is that many brands contain unhealthy fillers that provide zero nutrients for your dog with unnecessary calories. The calorie-dense kibble food is one of the leading reasons for doggie obesity. Most kibbles have been processed. Moisture is extruded by a machine using thermal pressure during the manufacturing process. This means that it cannot be reconstituted by adding water. Kibble food will never return to its natural form. Many also argue that dogs do not receive enough hydration from dry food and need moisturized canned food to sustain themselves.

Canned food is not only typically much more expensive but it can worsen a dog’s oral hygiene. Wet foods stick between a dog’s gums and teeth and there is less chewing involved. The mechanical action of chewing naturally scrapes plaque away from a dog’s teeth. Larger kibble foods promote this chewing. Canned food will also spoil quickly. It needs to be covered and refrigerated after opening or it will need to thrown away. If you have a dog with long fur around their snout, eating wet can food can get messy.

Deciding which to use—canned or kibble—is more of a question of economics. If you choose the best all natural dog food then using kibble will be more than fine. If you have a toy breed that eats small portions, canned food might meet their needs equivalently.

It’s more about the quality of the food than anything else!

Top Five Dog Foods

  1. Nature’s Variety Instinct

Instinct is made using all natural ingredients with no preservatives and artificial chemicals. Using cold pressure technology, Instinct locks in raw foods into kibble form. Instead of using thermal pressure, the manufacturers are able to seal in all the nutrients by freeze-drying raw food.

  1. Blue Wilderness Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is grain free and does not contain chicken by-product meals, artificial preservatives, corn, wheat, or soy. We like the entire company’s food line which includes options that resemble the ancestral wild diet like Wilderness and Natural Veterinary Diet which is packed with vitamins and minerals. Many of us at Splash and Dash feed our own dogs with Blue Buffalo.

  1. Earthborn Holistic

Chicken meal and whitefish meal are the proteins used alongside easily digested grains like oatmeal, barley, and brown rice. Fruits and vegetables are baked in to provide immune system support. Earthborn is great tasting for dogs and is more affordable than some of the other brands.

  1. The Honest Kitchen

This brand uses ingredients that are approved for every member of the family to eat—human grade. Human grade food is held up to the FDA standards instead of the AFFCO. The company also makes base mix food. Healthy dehydrated ingredients are mixed with warm water to make every meal a balanced one that you can add meat to.

  1. Fromm Family Foods

Based out of Wisconsin, this company has three dry food lines and canned food that will please your gourmand doggie and your budget. The grain-free and protein-rich formulas are made with ingredients you can actually pronounce. A bowl filled with Fromm is a meal of all-natural dog food that keeps tails wagging!

Decisions for Your Dog

As you shop around, comparing different dog food formulas against your dog’s nutritional needs, remember that price does not always mean the best all natural dog foods. There are dozens of affordable brands on the market that provide everything your dog needs to be happy and healthy.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wants the best for your dog, and wishes you luck finding the best!


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Five Delicious Homemade Frozen Treats for Dogs

Chill Out With These Frozen Treats for Dogs That Provide a Refreshing Boost of Nutrients

Giving your frozen treats to your dog is great for a bunch of reasons! One, it helps them cool down from the pervading heat of the summer. Summer’s great for iced coffees for you and chilled treats for dogs. Everyone stays cool! It’s also a great way to sneak in some extra tasty nutrients that your dog needs. Stuffing frozen treats for dogs into a KONG ball will keep them preoccupied with some mental stimulation. The best part is they’re super simple and super cheap!

At Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique we are big fans of the rotational diet. Meaning we like to give our own dogs at home a diverse menu of dry kibble, raw food, canned food, and fresh foods. Switching up your dog’s diet provides for their holistic needs. Frozen dog treats for dogs offer a delicious snack that fits into every element of the rotational diet! We’ll show you how.

Here are five recipes to keep the summer heat and the doggie ailments at bay!

*All Recipes included are 100% safe and nutritious for dogs.

1. Frozen Peanut Butter Banana Pops

These are so good you’ll want to eat them!

Take three, six-oz containers of plain low-fat yogurt,  ½ cup of low-sodium peanut butter (No Xylitol!), one, four-oz. jar of banana baby food (a fresh banana works too), and one tablespoon of honey. Blend all these ingredients together and pour into a small paper cup. Place a small bone to work as a handle and put them in the freezer.

Once frozen, you can peel the paper cups away and serve them up!

2. Freeze the Kibble

This one’s best for the summer scorchers and is a simple way to get your panting pup some relief from the sun’s rays.

All you have to do is soak his kibble in a low-sodium broth. First, take a bowl and pour broth about halfway up. A protein broth is a great natural dietary supplement for dogs! Once the kibble has absorbed the broth go ahead and stick it in the freezer. (Some kibbles will start to disintegrate so you might want to keep your eye on it).

Before the tasty concoction freezes stuff the treat into his KONG ball. As the slush melts, your dog will have hours of entertainment and healthy frozen treats.

3. Doggie Mentos

This frozen treat for dogs is one that lets you have your cake and eat it too! Fun for the dog. Check! Gets rid of bad breath. Check!

You will need peppermint leaves or pure peppermint oil, a pinch of parsley, and plain old water. If you use peppermint leaves, finely mince these with the parsley and sprinkle the herbs into each cube. Freeze the tray and put the cubes into your dog’s water bowl.  

Other herbs that are great for dogs you could consider using: oregano, rosemary, basil, and parsley. Just don’t go overboard or your dog may not like the taste.

4. Carrot Sticks

I had had a dog that went crazy for carrots and a dog that was not the biggest fan. Either way, carrots are great for dogs for the same reason they’re a healthy snack for humans. If your dog is a picky eater when it comes to carrots, this might get him on the carrot band wagon.

Take a low-sodium broth and fill an ice cube tray or a paper cup. If your dog already loves carrots (most dogs do), then use the carrot as a handle. If your dog’s on the skeptical side you can blend the carrot into a pulp and go from there.

5. Bahama Mama

This recipe won a KONG Connect Recipe Contest for frozen dog treats for dogs! The Bahama mama is the brainchild of Nina Garcia of Orlando, Florida.

First, gather your ingredients. You will need one cup of shredded coconut (No Added Sugar), one cup of granola (No Raisins!),  ½  cup of fresh pineapple,  ½  cup of peanut butter (No Xylitol). Mix the ingredients together in a large bowl until all ingredients mesh together consistently. Spoon the Bahama Mama into a KONG and freeze. The leftovers can be frozen and stored for up to six months!

Once frozen, give the tropical delicacy to your dog and watch him enjoy!

For other tips to keep your dog cool in the summer heat click here.



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Hands Down The Best Dog Chew Toys of 2017

 Get the Safest and Best Dog Chew Toys for Your Doggie Nibbler

Some dogs are diggers. Some dogs are chewers. But all dogs are lovers! Chewing is a healthy behavior for dogs. If you have a new puppy that is making good-work out your furniture and shoes, then adding some of the best dog chew toys to his routine will help in his training. Giving a dog an alternative to chew on will help them differentiate between wanted and unwanted behavior.

Chewing is also healthy for a dog’s oral care. When dogs gnaw on chew toys, the friction can reduce plaque by 70%, according to WebMD. The mechanical action of chewing scrapes the plaque and prevents it from turning to tartar by isolating the calcium in the mouth. Dental chews and chew toys both promote this healthy chewing behavior.

Chew toys are also good for a dog’s mental stimulation. Dogs are naturally inquisitive creatures and can get bored while alone in the house. Chew toys help curb boredom which will also curb unwanted behavior—chewing things that aren’t chew toys.  Dogs who are fanatic for the chewable side of life will be plenty happy with the best dog chew toys to play with while you’re gone.

Play it Safe

Before we dive into our favorite chew toys we want to discuss good practices that will keep your doggo safe.

Some less durable chew toys can break into small pieces and can become a choking hazard. Tennis balls are great for fetch but won’t stand up to the bite strength of your dog. Tennis balls don’t make the cut for the best dog chew toys. Squeaker toys are also widely popular. Dogs do love them. But make sure the toy is sturdy. Dogs may try and ingest the plastic squeaker buried in the toy.

Size and material also need to be taken into consideration. Make sure any dog chew toys are non-toxic and do not contain chemicals like lead. Also, plush toys are great for small dogs, but the larger breeds—aggressive chewers—will need something that is long-lasting. Some plush toys have cotton stuffing which can be messy and problematic if ingested.

What Kind of Dog Chew Toys are Out There?

There are several different styles of chew toys out there. Each one is unique with different purposes.

Plush Toys

Plush toys are great for fetching, snuggling, and for smaller breeds chewing. You will definitely want to get a stuffing free chew toy for safety. If the toy is machine-washable this is also a plus. Plush toys tend to get gross after some playtime. The reason dogs love plush toys so much is because the toy retains the dog’s scent. Dogs feel an ancestral ownership over their toy. Plush chew toys are also great for tug-o-war!

Rubber Chew Toys

Rubber chew toys are very safe and completely durable. Some have squeakers or can be filled with treats and peanut butter for an extra incentive to gnaw on. Many of these toys come with an indestructible sales pitch. Take this with a grain of salt. ‘Indestructible’ has yet to meet my dog.

Fibrous Rope & Knot Toys

Rope style toys are great for durability. It takes a lot for a dog to chew their way through the fibers and the curvature of the knots are great for scraping away plaque.  These toys are washable and if your dog swallows a few threads they’ll be able to pass through.


Rawhides are great! They’re half treat, half toy. The best part about a rawhide is that they have a single ingredient. The chews provide glucosamine for healthy joints, and a variety of other vitamins like calcium, zinc, manganese, and potassium. The only downside to these is they do have an odor, but your dog will love it.

Top Five Best Dog Chew Toys

The KONG Wubba. The Wubba is made of durable reinforced nylon fabric that covers a tennis and squeaker ball. The nylon tails make the toy interactive—great for tug-o-war and fetch! This toy is more for playing than chewing but is durable enough to stand the test of the canine’s canines. KONG is a durable brand that is a trusted name in the pet industry.

Petstages Stuffing-Free Toys. Petstages are great squeaker toys for smaller dogs who love to cuddle and are drawn to that squeaker like Labradors to the water. The toy will keep squeaking even if it’s punctured and comes with two different squeaker pitches to signal to your dog. Two chambers within the toys maintain the sound even after vigorous chewing and shaking. Your dog will love it!

Bionic Bone. Bionic chew toys are great! They can bounce, float in water, and are dishwasher safe. They are also completely non-toxic and free of lead, BPA, and phthalate. The bones are strong and the hollow tube on the inside allows owners to hide treats or peanut butter inside for added deliciousness. Putting a treat inside the bone will give your dog some deserved mental stimulation and a treat.

RedBarn Filled Bones. Dogs go absolutely bonkers for these! RedBarn pet products have one toe in the best dog chew toys category, and one toe in most delicious treats for pups category. Best of all, the slow-roasted bones are naturally clean. No added flavors, colors, preservatives, or chemicals! Filled bones are a nutritious approach to chewing.

Simply American Beef Trachea Chew. These are five-star steaks for dogs. All Simply American chews are great including the Bully Sticks and Femur bones, but the trachea grooves are great for a dog’s oral care. Again, no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or chemicals here—all natural. With these, your dog will chew his way to high heaven.

If you are still unsure about the best dog chew toys for your dog, speak with your groomer and veterinarian. Take into account your dog’s size and what makes them happy. If your dog isn’t much of a nibbler, get them a toy that can also be used for fetch. If your dog could chew his way to kingdom come, go with a rubber chew toy that will last!

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique wants you to remember, Play Dirty, Live Clean!

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Rescue Dogs Try Gourmet Dog Food

Gourmet Dog Food Meal For Rescue Pooches

The folks over at BuzzFeed paired up with The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to give deserving dogs a delicious meal. A whipped up human grade and handmade dog food was served. The food was cooked with a fresh chicken-and-rice mixture. We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique not only love that these poor rescue animals we’re given healthy dog food, but that this video raises awareness for dogs who need to be adopted.


The ASPCA reports that out of the 7.3 million animals housed in shelters, only 35% of them get adopted. These dogs getting a second chance, and a second helping of gourmet dog food, is one step toward a brighter future for rescue animals.


Meet the dogs!

  • Bubba 4-year-old 110 lb Mastic/Pitbull Mix
  • Honey 6-week-old 1 lb Teacup Chihuahua
  • Panda 7-month-old 14 lb Poodle Mix
  • Odin 2-years-old 10 lb Maltese
  • Clara Bell 1.5-year-old 60 lb Lab/Mastiff Mix
  • Lebowski 8-week-old 5 lb Pit Bull Mix


All of these guys eating dog food so preciously are available for adoption! Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique urge you to visit a shelter, adopt a dog, or just share this video to help these guys find a loving home!


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People Try Dog Food

Humans Try Dog Food and Tell us What They Think


Warning: Some of the language used in this video contains some adult language. Please watch first before letting children watch at your parental discretion.

In the pet grooming industry, we are often tempted to the try the dog food we stock our shelves with. To be quite honest I have personally tried the gourmet cookie dog treats we carry, and I have to say they are actually not bad. Almost like a gingerbread cookie. Completely healthy and nutritious for your dog, nothing like the dry dog food kibble I can only imagine tastes similarly to what it smells like—gross. But our dogs love it.


That is why today’s viral video really perked our interest. The video was uploaded by BuzzFeedBlue and is accurately titled, “People Try Dog Food For The First Time.”  Yes. Four humans try five different types of dog foods and live to the tell the tale.


First up is Pedigree Meaty Ground dinner. This is basically the doggie equivalent of ground beef, but most likely contains ingredients that are not human grade. One of the contestants aptly remarks, “I eat Taco bell three times a week, and I’m still alive.” Suitably she is also the one who enjoys the canned meaty ground dinner dog food the most. The other contestants. Not so much.


Next, they try some dry dog food kibbles–Purina Beneful Original. Remarks. “Oh that is gross,” and “Ewww, it’s got like a sour aftertaste.” The contestants repeatedly make hilarious remarks about the dog food eating experience the whole way through, so don’t worry we’re not spoiling anything. To ensure scientific integrity BuzzFeedYellow included two dogs Emma and Pesto who also eat the dog food as the control variable. Spoiler alert, they’re into it.


This is a good thing because of the next type of dog food, well, only the dogs liked. It is Cesar Classics Filet Mignon. The funniest comment made. “Oh man it’s Pad Thai, I wanted some chunks.” Hilarious! All of the contestants grimaced at this dog food, and one even had to use the trash can to get the flavor out. Even funnier was she asked for the Meaty Ground Dinner back to use as a dog food palate cleanser. What?


Last up to eat is desert—Sprinkle Doggie Cupcakes. The contestants actually loved this treat which they couldn’t believe was dog food. We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are glad they were able to eat the cupcake last. They definitely earned it.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique aim to serve our dogs the highest quality ingredients and are big proponents of the rotational dog food diet which you can find more about here.


Mariah Carey Pet Parody: All I want for Christmas is…Dog Food

Dog Food Parody Video Explains What Pets Really want for Christmas


It’s that time of year again. You can see your breath in the air. Everyone’s yards are glowing with lights. The malls are busy and all the kids are on their best behavior, well maybe. It’s the holidays! As the hams and turkeys roast, the pies bake, the dry kibble dog food looks less and less enticing for your dog.


This is a circumstance every poor dog goes through every holiday season. Some pet parents garnish their pet’s dog food with broths and leftovers. Others just let them suffer and eat their dry dog food while humans gorge on turkey wings and macaroni. It’s all a matter how much those doggie pouting eyes can affect you.


We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique are advocates of the rotational diet which vary your dog’s diet between dry dog food, fresh table prepared, canned, and raw. But not all dogs are this spoiled. The ones who aren’t, now have an anthem for the holidays. This anthem is captured in this pet parody video of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas.” It was uploaded by YouTube channel the Pet Collective.


The video is basically the inner monologue of every dog. With lyrics like, “Sausage, turkey, cake, or pie/Do I want a breast or thigh?” or, ” I don’t want a lot for Christmas. You can keep all of my gifts/I just want my bowl to be full. I can handle it.” You can see why we think this silly video is extremely truthful. Dogs don’t want dog food on Christmas, they want what you’re eating!


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique hopes you enjoyed the video!


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How to Make Your Own Doggie Eggnog

DIY Dog Food for the Holidays: Dog Nog


The holidays are always a challenge for pet parents. It’s hard for our pets to eat their dry kibble dog food while humans eat pie and turkey. Getting special dog treats and making your own treats for a rotational diet make the holidays easier on everyone. Plus, you can rest assured your dogs are getting the optimal health benefits from a balanced and complete dog food diet.


Dog food eggnog falls under the fresh category.


This Gone to the Snow Dogs YouTube video takes viewers through every step of making the dog food.


What You’ll Need:



2 5.3 oz Containers of All Natural Nonfat Greek Yogurt

4.25 oz Baby Food Jar (Women in Video Uses Beech-Nut Pumpkin and Granola)

Splash and Dash advises this flavor too. It has nothing dangerous for your dog and pumpkin and whole grain granola are doggie super foods.

1/2 Cup of Water

Two Eggs

Dog Treat Garnish



  1. Mix Greek Yogurt, Water, baby food, water, and eggs until the liquid becomes frothy.


  1. Garnish with Dog Treat


  1. Enjoy!


This is one of the easiest and healthiest dog food treats for the holidays. We hope you like the video and try this dog nog at home.


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Harmful – Do Not Use as Pet Food

We all love spoiling our pets. In fact, it can be tempting to feed them anything but their pet food. They give you the big eyes and you slowly reach your hand out. They give a look of affection and you know you’re going to give them a treat again. Food is a great thing to bond over, but when you’re treating your dog to something special, avoid giving them any of the following foods:


dog_grooming_towl_dry1.    Chocolate

This is probably the most talked about unhealthy pet food and actually, the higher the cocoa content, the more dangerous it is. Toxic doses of chocolate can cause abnormal heartbeats, kidney failure, or death. How much is dangerous to your pet highly depends on the size of your dog and how much they ate, but to avoid worrying at all, just don’t give them any.


2.    Grapes and Raisins

Not all fruits and vegetables are healthy for pets. When grapes or raisins eaten as pet food, it’s shown to induce kidney failure in not only dogs, but in other animals as well. This kidney failure can often cause permanent damage or lead to death. This, like chocolate, is more dangerous depending on how much of it they eat. While eating grapes or raisins may not always result in life-threatening circumstances, there is no way to tell how your dog will react so it’s better to just avoid them all together.


3.    Onions, Leeks, and Garlic

Avoid any pet foods at the store with the word onion under ingredients. While they think it’s tasty, lots of onion can actually cause life-threatening anemia in both cats and dogs. When reading pet food labels, especially wet food, you may be surprised to find what kinds of food they mix in as filler.


4.    Xylitol

Often known as artificial sugar or the sweetener in gum. This is the chemical that is used to create sugar-free gum, cookies, and other diet foods. This, unlike the other three items listed, can cause major damage from even the smallest amount. Reactions to this food include low blood sugar, seizure, liver failure, and death.  These symptoms can show up as quickly as 30 minutes after ingesting to 12 hours later. There is treatment, but it must be applied quickly and aggressively.


5.    Bread Doughsmall_dog_pet_food

Never used in pet food, the yeast in raw dough can be hazardous to goes due to the reaction it has when mixed with warm liquid. The stomach is the perfect place for the yeast to grow, resulting in an expanded stomach. While that might not seem had, the expanded stomach can press into the diaphragm or arteries and cut off blood flow or breath.


6.       Moldy Food

Often time’s people think about giving their dogs the leftovers from the fridge. Maybe they’re running low on pet food or maybe they smelled it and realized it wasn’t good for them to eat, but the dog wouldn’t mind because he eats anything and they don’t want to waste the food.  Moldy food can be just as dangerous to a dog’s health as it would be to a human’s health. There’s no telling the kind of mold or germs that have formed on unwell food, especially if it’s meat.  To stay away from this danger, just follow the motto, “If I shouldn’t eat it, neither should he.”


DOG FOOD RECALL – I And Love And You Recalls Dog Treats

I And Love And You dog food brand have recently released this statement recalling 1,299 cases of their Cow-Boom! Strips Beef Gullet treats after a routine sampling at their Colorado factory discovered a salmonella contamination in the treats on July 10th.

Their products and dog food are U.S. made so the contamination is not from outside sources. So far there have been no reports of illness in pets or humans in relation to the contaminated treats. The recall is voluntary. However, beware if you’ve purchased I And Love And You’s following product recently:


vlcsnap-2015-09-23-16h37m00s6Cow-Boom! Strips Beef Gullet


  • 2.0 oz. bags
  • Lot number: C20130-1994T1 and C20130-2024T1
  • Best by Date: 07/2016
  • UPC: 8 18336 0113 4

The Danger

Dog food contaminated with salmonella is dangerous to humans and animals and can cause serious infections that are sometimes fatal in young children, elderly people, and those with weak immune systems. Those who have handled the product are at risk of salmonella infections if they have not washed their hands. Animals who contract salmonella infections may face the same health risks as humans.


Symptoms of a salmonella infection in people include:


  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea or Bloody Diarrhea
  • Abdominal Cramping
  • Fever


Salmonella may rarely result in more serious reactions. Pets infected by salmonella may have the following symptoms:


  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea or Bloody Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Vomiting


While some mild responses to salmonella infection may include:


  • Decreased Appetite
  • Fever
  • Abdominal Pain


If your dog seems to show any signs of infection, whether mild or severe, should be taken to the vet. Even those with a mild case of salmonella may become carriers and spread the infection to humans and other animals they share living space with. If you or any human in your home experience a strong reaction after handling the dog food, contact your personal doctor immediately just to be sure of your health.


If You Made a Purchase of the Dog Food

dog food recallThe company is offering a full refund to customers who have purchased the contaminated product. In order to receive your refund, contact the company’s customer service line at (888) 459-5683, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (MT) or email them at [email protected]. You may also return the product at the place of purchase to receive a full refund.


Great Ingredients for a Great Dog Food

Having the right dog food is one of the most important things your dog needs in their daily routine for good health. However what makes dog food good? Professionals in the pet industry might tell you different things, especially if they’re makers of dog food, because many put products in their food that are not so great for dog health. If you’re in the market for dog food and you want to know the best of what the pet industry has to offer your pup in the way of kibble, look for these things on the label:

High-Quality, Digestible Animal Protein Sources

Most dogs are very athletic, very active creatures. They need a good source of easy-to-digest protein in all of their meals. There are many animal protein sources that are excellent for your dog food including:


  • Buffalo
  • Cow
  • Fish
  • Fowl
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Venison


When you’re reading the labels for dog food, you want the animal protein to be one of the first ingredients if not the very first one listed for best results.

Whole Foods

Like humans, dogs benefit from whole foods like fruits and vegetables. When you’re looking at an ingredients list on dog food or you’re considering recipes of your own, you should be fully aware of the types of fruits and vegetables dogs can’t have as there are many that are not only bad for their health, but can also put them in danger. Some of the whole fruits and vegetables good for dog food include:


  • Apples
  • Beats
  • Blueberries
  • Garbanzo Beans
  • Kelp
  • Peas
  • Pumpkin
  • Zucchini

Healthy Fats

You might have heard it from fitness and nutrition professionals in regards to human nutrition: not all fats are bad. This is true for dogs to. When you’re creating or managing a healthy dog diet, look for dog food with healthy fats in the list. Some sources for good fats include:


  • Canola Oil
  • Fish Oils
  • Flaxseed

What to Avoid in Dog Food

There are the three major things you should always keep in mind when you’re shopping around for healthy dog food for your pet. If there was anything else to look for in a good dog food, it would be to avoid grains in dog food as most cats and dogs are allergic to grain and having too much grain in their diet can cause stomach issues among other problems. Despite this, many dog food manufacturers put grain products in their food as fillers because grain is so cheap. Another thing to avoid would be animal byproducts snuck into your dog food.


By following these guidelines for healthy dog food, you’ll help your dog live a longer, happier, and healthier life.