A Reflective Dog Collar Can Actually Save Your Pet\’s Life

When it comes to dogs, our pup-inspired imagination has no bounds. There is no shortage of awesomely cute products that can keep your pet stylish and more importantly safe! One of the coolest of these is reflective dog collars. A collar is a versatile tool and accessory—with it, you can lead your dog by a leash, attach their name tag, and keep them safe on roadways. Not to mention reflective dog collars are quite the fashion statement at the dog park!

Why Reflective Dog Collars Will Keep Your Dog Safe

A report from 25 New England schools shows that a staggering 1.2 million dogs and 5.4 million cats are sadly run over each year. Car crashes account for deaths of wildlife too. The Humane Society of the United States reports that 475 million animals are run over a year. Meaning 15 animals are run over every second. This is tragic. The unfortunate truth is that most of these deaths could have been prevented.

One of the easiest ways for you to protect your pet is to use a reflective collar. At night, a car\’s headlights turning onto the road will bounce off your dog\’s collar. The reflective material will help your dog shine brightly. The material used picks up car headlights, streetlights, and any other lighting. Reflective collars for dogs are perfect for night runs or strolls to watch the sunset. Dogs that bolt because of a lightning storm will also have the added protection if they get lost at night. The added protection will also help you retrieve them because it will be much easier to spot them while you search.

Reflective dog collars can be used in combination with the primary colors already popular on dog collars to maximize your dog\’s visibility and safeguard their overall safety. Using a reflective collar will help your dog avoid a deadly car accident and could mean the difference between a painful accident and one lucky dog.

Which Reflective Dog Collar is Right for Your Pup?

There are a wide range of reflective collars on the market and pet experts advise getting one that is durable and won\’t slip off. If it does, that defeats the whole purpose. Different collars are made from different materials and not every collar is the same. You will want to get your dog a collar that will last longer and is stitched with a reflective material that allows you to see them from long distances. Of course, you\’ll also want them to look snazzy.

There are are a lot of different styles and materials to pick from so we\’ll break down our favorites.

3M Scotchlite

These collars were constructed by a Great Dane owner who made the collars for his own dog out of necessity. The collars are affordable and made with a sturdy 500-denier double folded nylon. The collar is designed to ride low on the neck—good for dogs with tapered snouts.


These collars embrace that classic minimalist look coming in six different colors that all look great. The collars are made with Biothane, claimed to be virtually indestructible, waterproof, and flexible.


These collars come in various chic patterns and designs like Henna, 1960s Circle, and the British Flag. Also made with Biothane these collars are durable and bring out the fashionista in your pup!

Blueberry Pet

This brand is the Patagonia for dogs. Made with genuine leather with 3M reflective threads stitched into a polyester webbing. The buckle is made with Eco-friendly plastic too! The line comes in various neck sizes and does not stretch.

Max & Neo MAX Reflective

The main reason we love this collars is not only is it made with double nylon with reflective stitching but for every collar purchased, the company donates a dog collar to a rescue. Love this!


These collars are made with a reflective nylon and come with a personalized embroidery. Instead of a tag, you can put your dog\’s name and information right on the collar just in case he gets lost. These come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Night Runs & Hunting Dogs

Athletes that like to take their dogs out for a nightly run will definitely want to get a reflective collar. At night, even with proper street lighting, darkness impairs our vision. This is not secret. Just like you wear reflective gear, it\’s important for your dog too!

Dog owners that like to bring their dog hunting will also want to use brightly colored reflective dog collars to keep them safe from any precarious happenings.

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