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Advanced Tricks Your Dog Can Learn

Once your dog has mastered the basic commands, such as sit and stay, they are able to move on to learning tricks. While there are basic tricks such as roll over, it can be more impressive to teach your dog more advanced tricks. As long as you and your dog know the basics these tricks can be taught with time and patience with good rewards you can pick up at the pet store.


Close  the Door

This is a fun trick for dogs that can also impress your guests. It is also perfect for homes with babies and toddlers you do not want going into the different rooms of your house. There are many videos out there on teaching this trick, but we have found this one to be the most helpful.


Get You a Drink

The name of this video tutorial may be get me a beer, you can send your dog to the fridge to get you the beverage of your choice. Just as with closing the door, you will have to train your dog in steps to master this trick. You will also need to have a tool they can use to open the fridge since they do not have thumbs.



Bang Trick

This is the classic fun dog trick. It involves telling your dog to stick ‘em up with your hand in the shape of a gun, then saying bang which is when your dog falls to ground and plays dead. This can take months to teach your dog. Once you have taught your dog this trick you can teach them to writhe around while “dying”, be shot multiple times and even bark when they have been shot.



Where’s Your Bum

This is a fun trick to teach your dog. It is perfect if you want to get a laugh while you are out with your dog, such as at the pet store. In order to learn this trick you will need to teach your dog commands such as look at me, bow and spin which are great to know and found in this video tutorial.



Cover Your Eyes

This is a trick that is simple to master but can only be worked on for short periods of time simply because it can be annoying for your dog. Due to the annoyance they will feel with scotch tape on their nose, make sure you visit the pet store to get them high value treats.



Clean Your Paws

Not only do pet parents want their pets to have good manners, but they want to minimize dirt in the house. This is the perfect trick for accomplishing this. It is a fun trick that is sure to impress anyone, especially when you are at your local pet store.



These are just a few of the tricks you can teach your dog and show off when you are at the pet store, dog park or even just have company over. They keep your dog’s mind working which helps keep them healthy. This is only the beginning of possibilities for training as long as you are patient with your pup.


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