Summer Pet Safety You Need to Know

As summer is approaching, it is important that you start getting ready for the changes in the weather and planning for the many activities you have planned. Whether you plan to lounge by the pool or take a trip, it is important to know some of the summer pet safety tips to help keep your dog happy and safe this summer.


Be Wary of Watershutterstock_219328042__1___1465913606_50690

One of the biggest misconceptions about dogs and water is that all dogs know how to swim. The truth is that this is not always true. You should make sure your dog knows how to swim before you just toss them in. More than this you need to make sure they want to swim. Do not force a dog to swim that clearly has no interest in swimming.


It is also a good idea to make sure the water is suitable for swimming. This is why it is not a good idea to take your dog to swim, or swim yourself, in fresh water that may be potentially contaminated by bacteria or other sources. Finally you also want to make sure swimming is allowed for pets (and people) before you and Fido jump in the water.


Think About the Paws

Another thing many people forget about when it comes to summer pet safety is keeping their pets paws safe. The concrete can get extremely hot and this can be more than just painful to your pet. It can damage or even melt off their paw pad. A good rule of thumb is that if the concrete is too hot for you to walk on barefoot then it is too hot for your pup. Here are a few alternatives to beating the sidewalk heat:


  • Walk in areas that have grass so your dog can walk in the grass which is significantly cooler
  • Put shoes on your dog to help keep their feet  from being burned (though keep in mind that most dogs hate this)
  • Take your walks early in the morning and later in the evening when the concrete is not as hot.


Protect Your Dog Outdoors

Featured-April-Image-5Many people want to keep their dogs outside with them for extended periods of time while they enjoy the weather in the summer. This is not a bad thing but you need to keep summer pet safety in mind while you do this. One of the things you need to do is ensure your dog has plenty of water to drink. In fact, having water they can play in, such as sprinklers, a kiddie pool or even a full size pool can be even better. Also, make sure there are plenty of covered  areas where your dog can go to escape the glaring heat of the sun. You should also watch for signs that your dog is getting overexerted and needs to come inside.

Finding the Right Summer Cut for Your Dog

As the temperature gauge goes up, it is important to think about ways to stay cool. This not only applies to people but pets as well. As a pet parent one of the things you need to think about is what the best summer cut is for your pet. Here are a few things you need to consider.


Shaving is Not Always the Best Solutionfull_service_small_pet_groomers

Some people think shaving their dog’s fur is the best way to keep them cool. In many breeds this can be a helpful way to keep tangles under control as well as help keep them cooler during the warm months. However, this is not always the case. For dogs with a double coat, shaving is a very bad idea. Not only can it cause their fur to grow back patchy, it can also cause them to overheat as the undercoat actually works as a cooling system for them. More than this, their skin is more sensitive and can burn easily.


Consider a Trim

Another option than going with a straight shave is to trim the dog up. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. For one, it can help keep your dog cooler. It can also help manage tangles and keep hair from getting unruly. It can also make it easier to see ticks or other issues on their skin. Depending on the type and length of the fur your dog has will determine what type of cut they need.


Talk with Your Groomer

dog groomingYour groomer to find out what the best haircut is for your pet. They may ask you about their activity level and the types of activities they do. Since they understand the type of fur your dog has, they will be able to suggest the best possible haircut for your dog or at least give you some options so you can find the one that is right for your dog.

Keep in mind that even if you think the options for their summer cut are boring, there are many ways you can accessorize their look. A good outfit, hair bows, bowtie collar and other accessories can help make them look like a new dog. You may even want to talk with your groomer about dyeing their fur to help give them a more unique look.

Dogs who love to swim

We all know that most dogs avoid the bath like the plague but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the pool. Who doesn’t enjoy cooling down after a long, hot summer day? In honor of the start of summer, we have created a compilation of videos of dogs enjoying the water in their own way.

Diving Boxer

You may associate the doggy paddle  with dogs but the truth is that this dog’s skills go way beyond that. He is great at holding his breath and fetching the toys from the bottom of the pool. This is one dog who would be great to have over for pool parties!


Chihuahua Kiddie Pool

OK sure this is a kiddie pool, but chihuahuas are tiny little things so a small pool doesn’t mean they aren’t swimming. This one looks like she’s trying to master her agility skills as she swims through these small tunnels. Whether she is or not, it’s still down right adorable.


The School of Golden Retrievers in the Lake


It’s no secret that golden retrievers love the water. This pack of goldies following this guy sure does prove this. These dogs are quick and as the video progresses, their numbers get larger as more and more want to join in on the aquatic fun.


The High Dive


This dog makes jumping off the high dive at the local pool look like cake work. Not only does he dive into the water, he dives at astounding heights. Either by himself or with his owner, this dog proves even if you are small you can still accomplish feats from great heights.


Pool Loungers

When buying pool equipment you may think that a pool lounger can be great for soaking up the sun, having a stiff drink and enjoying a dip when you get too warm. Well here are two golden retrievers who think the same thing about these pool loungers. At least they know how to enjoy the summer in style.

Cool Down Treats for Your Dog

We all get hot in the summer and dogs are no different. Sure they may be able to help cool themselves with panting but this can take  time, is exhaustive for them and depending on how hot they are, may not be enough. Here are some cool options for your pet when the weather is hot.


Add Ice Cubes to Their Bowlsummer pet care quiz-01

If your dog has just come in from a walk and they need a drink, try dropping a few ice cubes in their bowl. Sure their natural reaction may be to play with them, but this is alright because it means they are getting the cooling effect of the ice. Along with this, it can be a good idea to give them chilled water along with the ice.


Make Sprinklers Fun

Sure this may not be the cooling treat you may be thinking, but it is cooling and a ton of fun for your pet. You can try turning on your sprinklers and seeing how your dog reacts. You can also buy one of the attachments for the sprinklers that can give greater arch and spread to the sprinklers so your dog can have loads of fun running through the water and maybe even trying to catch those pesky water spouts.


Make a Doggie Pop

51ab762f28ecb9f3ece27ef9384bf3f8Who doesn’t love ice pops on a hot day? Truth is your dog with love them too. Sure you may love the cherry flavored ones but in reality your dog does not need the artificial colors, flavorings and added sugar. You can make your own with broth. Some people even like to make it in a bundt pan so they can have a nice ring of broth for their dog to lick and enjoy. You can even try spicing things up by adding in treats to make it more interesting to your pet.


Make Frozen Treats for Your Dog

Yeah you can go to the store and pick up Frosty Paws for your pup but why do that when you can make them with items you have on hand? Simply whip up some mashed bananas, peanut butter and yogurt and fill them in ice cube trays. Let them freeze and then store them in the  freezer to give your dog when they are hot (or even to aid in training).

These are just some of the ways you can make cool treats for your dog this summer. Think about the things your dog loves and this will help you to get a better understanding of how you can accommodate your dogs.

Allergy Relief for Your Pets

Seasonal allergies are something your pet may deal with just as you do. It can be just as frustrating for them as well. There are many different types of allergies that your dog can contract, just as people do. Here are a few things you need to know about dog  allergies so you can help spot them and prevent your dog from suffering through this.


Signs Your Dog Has Allergies

While you may get sniffles, a post nasal drip, a headache with your allergies, they are not the same as what your dog will experience when they have allergies. Also just because your pet doesn’t sneeze all the time doesn’t mean they have allergies. Instead you should look for these symptoms:


  • Biting at paws or other parts of their body
  • Excessive licking
  • Scratching themselves
  • Chewing on their paws
  • Tear stains (though this only really appears on white or very light fur)


These are the main considerations when determining whether or not your pet has allergies. If you suspect your dog has allergies then the best thing you can do is talk with your vet to find out what the best course of action is. In many cases this may mean having them on medication to reduce the effect the allergies have on them. In many cases this may just be benedryl but they could also put them on corticosteroids or immune suppressing drugs if the allergies get too out of control. However, there are a few other things that you can do to help keep the allergies under control.


Go for Regular Grooming

As long as your pet can tolerate regular bathing, this can be a good way to keep the dander and other allergens off of them. However, if you find that your dog has allergies to certain products, then you may want to use hypoallergenic products. Also oatmeal baths can be helpful when dealing with itchy fur and may be great to ask your groomer about.



may-1There are a few supplements that may help your dog with their allergies. The most common of these is biotin. This is one of the main ingredients in hair, skin and nail vitamins for people so it makes sense that it can help your pet. It is also often used in conjunction with Omega 3 which can suppress the immune response.
Remember it is important to catch allergies early and treat them. While it may not seem like a big deal, if your dog continues to scratch or bite at themselves they can create a hotspot or get an infection in the area, which is even more complicated to deal with and more invasive for your pet.