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Five Myths About Dog Baths Now Debunked

Know the Truth About Your Dog\’s Bath

Here at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, our motto is, Play Dirty. Live Clean. This means that we want dogs to be well…dogs. What dog goes to a muddy dog park and doesn\’t immediately belly flop in the mud?

Dogs are born to explore the world one sniff at a time—even the dirtier parts of the world. This being said, no one wants that dirt coming back into their living room. Dogs also need a bath to scrub away not only dirt but any chemicals found within insecticides or fertilizers. A good cleansing dog bath keeps pups healthy and happy, not to mention your couch free of mud prints.

That\’s right! Grooming is essential for dogs. Unlike their feline counterpart, dogs can\’t groom themselves. Dogs need regular brushing, bathing, and nail trimming to stay in optimal shape. Many pet parents make the mistake of treating bath time the way we did in Medieval ages—something that happens every few months. I\’ve heard too many times, \”It\’s Spring! Time for Fido\’s dog bath!\” I fight the urge to tell them, \”Well yes, but he\’s been dirty since fall.\”

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique has dispelled a few commonly known myths to help pet owners separate fact from fiction!

Dogs Don\’t Need Routine Baths

False! Dogs, just like humans, need grooming to keep their hygiene in a healthy balance. Dogs don\’t need to bathe as much as humans but they still need a consistent schedule.  

Your dog\’s breed, lifestyle, and coat will determine how often a healthy dog bath should happen. Some dogs with skin conditions, allergies, or specific flea treatments need to have a bath more often than others. Many services at the dog groomers like nail clipping are just as important as coat health. If a dog\’s nails grow too long they can become ingrown, get infected, and cause bad posture that torques the spine.

A good guideline for the timeliness of your dog\’s bath schedule is at least twice a month. Grooming your dog prevents matting, skin inflammation, and your house from smelling like a kennel.

The Best Dog Bath Near Me is the Garden Hose Outback

Unless you have a marine grade water hose and you live a warm climate year-round—washing your dog with hose water is not a good idea. If you see your pup shivering this means the water is too cold. Warm water is the best rinse for effective shampooing.

Dogs Need Blow Drying

While many say it is safe for a trained eye to use heated blow drying on dogs, we at Splash and Dash choose not to. There have been too many studies conducted that say otherwise. We believe that towel drying and non-heat blow drying is the safest way for dogs to dry.

Bathing Removes Natural Oils

The reason this myth exists is because there is a gray area. It is true that if your dog is over groomed their natural oils and skin\’s pH balance will be thrown off. You really would have to overdo it.

Good cleansing shampoos are formulated to maintain your dog\’s natural oils. Leave-in conditioners also help protect the coat and skin. Make sure the shampoos and conditioners you are using meet their needs.

If your dog has a specific skin condition, consult your veterinarian and pet groomer for a treatment plan. For instance, dogs with allergies will need a soothing hypoallergenic shampoo. Avoid shampoos that include oatmeal—good for humans, not so good for a dog bath.

Flea Shampoos are a Quick-Fix

Flea and tick shampoos are formulated to treat flea problems but in most cases aren\’t enough to completely rid your dog of fleas. Medicated flea shampoos are a good inexpensive step in the process, but fleas are resilient creatures. A bath once a week might not be enough to prevent them from tormenting your dog.

Also, flea shampoos don\’t give dogs a complete bath. Use a pet shampoo with a comprehensive ingredient list that addresses your dog\’s coat and skin with moisturizing properties.

We hope this article has cleared the air about some of the rumors circulating out there. As always, Play Dirty. Live Clean!

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