911 Search and Rescue Dog has Best Day Ever

Dog Services Hero Awarded with Best Day Ever

Bretagne, or Brittany, a very special dog who is the last known search and rescue dog services K-9 that served in the aftermath of September 11th at Ground Zero. Brittany and her partner Denise Corliss are part of K-9 dog services group Texas Task Force 1. Their first deployment was 911. Brittany’s mission was to sniff out and rescue survivors of the attack on the world traders that were caught in the rubble. The dog’s role took on many aspects during her time at Ground Zero, and Corliss remarks that she became not only a rescue dog but a therapy dog as well.

“I was so grateful to have a K-9 partner that helped me through it. She represents the working dogs and the disaster dogs in particular, and you know they all are deserving for a day like today,” Corliss said. Brittany was one of about a hundred dogs deployed to help during the cleanup of 911. For this reason, Bark Box decided to give Brittany her deservingly best day ever for her dog services.

Brittany and Corliss were flown to New York to stay at 1 Hotel Central Park. Both Brittany and Corliss stayed in a suite packed full of all the doggie amenities, and the Retriever was treated to a gourmet hamburger from the hotel’s room service. Next, the dog services hero got to ride in a vintage New York City taxi that took her to Times Square.

During their stop in Time Square, they were shown a surprise. On one of the billboards in the square, they were thanked and honored for their services. Warms the heart! The two stood and admired with tails wagging and tongues out. Next Brittany rode to go play at the Tribeca Dog Run at the Hudson River Park. “She is a sixteen-year-old now, but when you get her around water she acts like a young puppy,” said Corliss.

A board member presented Brittany with the doggie equivalent of the key to the city. She was presented with the bone to the park–a very prestigious honor in dog services. Back at the hotel, Brittany was escorted to a banquet hall where she was thrown a birthday party with tons of-of presents. Brittany was again presented with a dog services award, a cobblestone at Ground

Zero dedicated by the National September 11 Memorial and Museum for her exemplary dog services and heroic efforts during a national time of crisis. Way to go Brittany!

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