Dog Groomers\’ Duty to Spot Kidney Diseases

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Dog Groomers Help with Preventative Care

After pet obesity, the most common pet illness is kidney disease.  In fact, 1 in 3 cats and 1 in ten dogs will be affected by kidney disease once in their lifetime, according to reputable veterinary journals. As more information is gathered, researchers believe the number could be higher. These statistics alert pet parents and dog groomers on the prevalence of kidney disease.  

Splash and Dash dog groomers understand and carry out their role as part of the preventative care dogs need for a long healthy life.

Groomers not only love cutting stylized haircuts, but the duty of spotting possible illnesses to provide high-quality and compassionate care for animals.

What is Kidney Disease?

The two most common types of kidney disease in pets are chronic kidney disease (CKD) and Acute Kidney Disease.

Chronic kidney disease is the slow decline of kidney function. This is most apparent in the head-to-tail assessment that is performed by dog groomers. The earlier it is identified, the easier CKD is treated.

Acute kidney disease moves much quicker than CKD and is more likely to be noticed by pet parents because symptoms strike fast. A sudden or acute injury to the kidney is the typical source. If you notice your animal has stopped producing urine altogether seek out emergency veterinary service immediately.

Dog Groomers Inspect Pet Health Nose-to-Tail

While caring for your pet, groomers keep their eyes peeled.  Every time your pet comes in, a thorough pet health assessment takes place.

Groomers have trained eyes that notice subtle signs and abnormalities that pet parents overlook. Symptoms of kidney disease might seem more obvious for a dog groomer because they care for an animal periodically.  Differences will be more blatant.

Also for long-haired breeds with lots of extra fluff,  groomers are able to see their true body size because a wet dog gives a much more revealing look into a pet\’s health.

If a Splash and Dash dog groomer notices any alarming symptoms they will gently notify a client. Since this is such a sensitive issue our dog groomers are always vigilant in observing pet\’s health and will also help educate pet parents.

Skin Elasticity, Dry Gums, and Dehydration

Dehydration is a sign of moderate to severe kidney disease. For pets that are already suffering from a kidney disease, being dehydrated can make things worse.

When skin doesn\’t snap back into place this is a sign of extreme dehydration. Obviously, droopy coated breeds like Bloodhounds are exceptions, but their skin will still be responsive.

When dog groomers check the oral hygiene of your dog they look for lips sticking to the gum-line. This is an indication of dehydration.

Coat Luster, Cleanliness, and Broken Hairs

As kidney disease becomes more critical it becomes apparent in coat shine. A dog\’s coat is an overall indicator of health. Also, if a cat fails to self-groom this is a sign they are incredibly sick. Cat and dog owners who see a noticeable change in behavior or coat luster should contact their veterinarian.

When a coat loses its vitality hairs will break or clumps can even fall away. Dog groomers are cognizant of this and watch for coat health during assessments.

Saliva Stains and Urine Scalding

Increased thirst and urination incontinence are associated with chronic kidney disease in dogs. Female dogs are especially susceptible to lower urinary issues.

Dog groomers are trained to watch for over-grooming of the perineal or preputial areas. Any saliva stains or urine scalding in these areas are always noted.

Sudden or Prolonged Weight Loss

Trips the dog groomers are much more regular than veterinary visits. This allows groomers to be the first line of defense to deter bad health conditions.

A wet dog shows a more accurate portrayal of body mass index. When coats are wet revealing a more pronounced look at a dog, groomers are taking notes.

Pet parents should discuss with your veterinarian what the optimal weight of your pet is, and a diet to maintain this.

Changes in Vision

Eye accuracy is also measured in a dog groomer assessment.

Redness, irritation or dilated pupils are signs of hypertension caused by kidney disease.

Not only will dog groomers survey a dog\’s eye before grooming, but they pay extra close attention to detail when trimming around the eye areas to make sure everything looks okay.

Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Promise

All staff at every Splash and Dash shop takes their job and role in the community very seriously to deliver the service and compassion that makes us award-winning dog groomers.

Part of this job is to recognize and identify some of the external evidence that an internal medical problem is occurring. If we see any red flags that require a pet parents\’ awareness, or a trip to a veterinarian, we will alert you.

Many times the earlier you can catch these complications, the easier and cheaper it is to treat them. We all have loving pets who wait for us at our homes too. We keep them in mind when working with your animals to ensure we are giving our clients the most conscious grooming experience possible.


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