Dog and Kitten Share Water Bowl

Pet Supplies Can be Shared in this Cute Video

The rivalry is older than the Hatfield Vs. McCoy feud of the late 19th century, deeper than the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys matchup with Philadelphia Eagles, and gives ammunition to more family arguments than preferring a Mac or PC. The bickering is well documented in cartoons. Before there was Tom and Jerry, there was always dog or cat. The battles have been fought over treats, cuddles, spots on the couch, and endless pet supply wars over who gets to drink first from the water bowl.

Sharing is hard to come by when you have a cat and a dog. But we at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique see evidence of the feud simmering every day. Cats are retracting their claws. Dogs are wagging their tails. Pet supplies are being shared with dog’s offering their dog bed to cats. Cats are swatting their mouse toys into dog territory for dogs to play with too. Both animals remain confused by pet supply laser pointers. The war may be over soon.

The signs are clear. Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique offers this further piece of evidence into your speculation to show that cats and dogs can share pet supplies. It can happen. Today’s viral video is empirical confirmation that dogs and cats can live amongst each other in harmony. The video is called “Dog and kitten drinking water” and is currently number 50 on YouTube’s trending list. If it goes viral a cease-fire might be called. If it reaches 5 million views then this is a sign cats and dogs have settled their differences. Pet supplies everywhere will be for both the canines and felines of the world.

We hope you enjoy this cute video uploaded by Belituf Pets, and share it to help raise awareness on this senseless bickering. Cats and dogs are equal–both in cuteness and in dibs on pet supplies.

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