Dog Receives Signature Service Every Time He Flies

Signature Service for this Big Guy


Hank the Tank, or just Hank is a 165 pound St. Bernard mix who belongs to former Playboy Playmate turned Celebrity Interior Designer, Kari Whitman. The pair make their rounds basking in signature services like perpetual first class seats. Hank is so big, he needs a special Taxi to transport him to the airport.


Tank even rides in a cart because he\’s too fat to walk!


Tank has a thyroid issue that keeps this chunky fellow at this colossal weight. He  already has St. Bernard breeding in him which makes him a large dog in the first place.But, Hank is special. Every time he flies he gets signature service—the ritzy life.


Whitman travels constantly, and brings Hank along as her service dog. Hank will start a cooing noise when he senses that Kari needs to take her medication for her migraines or a seizure. This is why the pup has earned his five-star signature service status.


Hank travels so often, and so well, the airline attendants know him. The dog always sits in first class and is treated to a five-star meal. They tell Inside Edition he is a great passenger and is always welcome.


Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique know a thing or two about signature service and we\’re pretty sure Hank the Tank has become accustomed to it. Hope you enjoyed Hank and Kari\’s story!


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