Police Body Cam Captures Dog Rescue

Police Body Cam Captures Dog Rescue

An astounding video of pet news was filmed in Cleveland and shows a video of a dog being rescued from the city’s sewer system. The entire video was filmed off an officer’s body cam which gives the video an engaging perspective. Viewers can watch the whole video from the officer’s perspective.

Edna Sutton was walking her dog Daphne when the poor dog fell down a sewage drain. Daphne is a senior dog and is blind in both eyes. Sutton called 911. She heard splashing at first, but then started to panic after she only heard silence coming from the sewer drain.

The dispatcher told her no one could come out to help, but 5th district police officers were able to arrive to help. The officer pried opened a nearby manhole where they were able to locate the dog. The 5th district officers phoned detective Sean Smith–a local sheriff that’s a dog lover. Detective Smith is the founder of Badges for Bullies, a non-profit pit bull rescue that makes pet news for the amazing charitable work they do.

The detective arrived at the scene to help. An officer crawled down the manhole and was thankfully able to rescue Daphne. The dog was a little scared, and a lot more dirty. This lucky little doggie is a hero in pet news, and we’re glad she made it out OK. Daphne and her owner have been a team for twenty years, and Sutton would have been horrified if anything happened to her dog.

The video was uploaded by PoliceActivity and is titled, Bodycam Shows Cops Rescuing Dog from Sewer Drain.

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