Crappy Pictures: Win a Year’s Splash and Dash for Dog’s Signature Bath Membership

Don’t act like you haven’t snickered at your dog’s adorable pooping face. Maybe it’s the shameful eyes, the arched would-be eyebrows or the lost expression on their face. Maybe it’s when they look away in shame. Whatever the case, we pet parents like to snap pics of our dog’s shame and share it with our friends. In fact, I bet you have at least one of these pictures in your phone’s gallery right now. If you don’t, you’ve at least thought about it! Now your dog can earn the gift of dog grooming through his or her pooping face! Remove dog grooming from your budget and enter your dog’s best pooping face to our dog photo contest in order to win a year-long Splash and Dash for Dog’s Signature Bath membership. This includes an unlimited amount of wash and brush at a location near you, a $480 value! Rules:

  • Submit up to two pictures of your dog’s hilarious/embarrassed/ridiculous pooping face to from July 5 to July 30. We will be posting your pup to our Facebook & other social media pages
  • Make sure you like our Facebook page ( and share the link of the picture we upload of your dog with your friends
  • Picture with the most likes on our page wins
  • You are also eligible for the weekly prizes by participating in the bonus contest below.

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