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Why This Year’s Dog Grooming Deaths are Worth Discussing

If you haven’t been paying attention to your social media feed, there has been a new death during dog grooming. Colby, a beautiful and sweet 2 year old golden retriever died after being in a Petco grooming salon. Long story short, he was put in a drying kennel at the location and then died of a heat stroke according to the vet. Petco claims their drying kennels do not release heat, but they have taken them out of all Petco locations to prevent this from happening in the future.


\"dogSo Does This Mean Dog Grooming is Dangerous?

Many pet parents out there are jumping to the conclusion that this means that grooming is not safe for their pet. Mostly this is out of fear that their dog will die while in the care of the groomer, which something no one wants to go through. However, it is important to note that these deaths are far and few between. Dogs do not die every day. Most dogs come out of the grooming salon feeling and looking great and regular grooming  can help keep them healthy. Even Colby had been going to the same Petco grooming salon since he was a puppy.


However, It Does Mean That You Should Choose Your Groomer Carefully

Some people think that just because the grooming salon they take their pet to is a nationally recognized company that they will get the best care. This alone should never be the reason you choose the salon you send your pet to. You want to choose a grooming salon that has experienced groomers who know what they are doing and ones that will care for your pet as their own. Only then can you have the confidence to know that your pet is being treated properly.


While We’re on the Topic of Choosing a Grooming Salon…

It should also be noted that price should never be your main motivator when choosing a grooming salon. A lot of people choose the big name brands like Petco and Petsmart because they have cheaper prices. Again, it is essential that you find a grooming salon where you know you will get the high quality care that your pet deserves. This does not mean that big pet stores cannot provide great care for your pet. Simply do not assume that you will get that level of care. Also, judge each location individually rather than assuming they are all the same.


\"pet_grooming_services\"What Does This Mean for the Pet Industry

The real thing that many are taking from this unfortunate incident is that there need to be pet safety standards established. No pet parent should have to fear that their dog will have something happen to them when they go into the grooming salon. While getting industry wide standards may be difficult, it can be done with some work from organizations and passionate pet parents who want to be able to ensure their pet’s safety while in the grooming salon.

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