Reasons Why Your Dog is the Best Valentine

As Valentine’s Day approaches you may be bumming about the fact that you’re single or maybe your significant other just isn’t the doting person you want them to be. The good news is that if you have a dog then you have the best Valentine a person could ask for. Here’s reasons why:


They are More Excited to See You Than Anyone Else

\"shutterstock_260692613__1453910776_84213\"When you come home from work after a long day, who is more excited to see you? Your family or your pooch? Chances are your pup comes running to greet you, tail wagging and a smile on their face. There is no denying they are excited to see you and want to spend  time with you. Can you say the same for the people you live with?


They are Always Ready to Give Kisses

Most dogs enjoy giving kisses and everyone loves kisses from dogs, especially your own. Chances are all you have to do is ask for a kiss or try to kiss your pup and they will shower you with their kisses. You may not even have to ask as your dog probably just comes to you with their loves and licks.


They Give the Best Cuddles

Who doesn’t love cuddling? Even big dogs love to get in your lap on the couch or in the bed to cuddle up next to you. Sure they want you to pet them but they do not always require this. Just being by you is enough for them.


Their Love is Unconditional\"shutterstock_183308966__1453910854_60960\"

The great thing about dogs is that they love you unconditionally. This means that even when you don’t give them the long walk they want (and need) or take them to the kennel so you can go on a cruise to the Bahamas  they still love you. Many people feel their dog loves them more than most people in the world.

For all these reasons and even more, your dog is the perfect candidate to be your Valentine this year (and every year for that matter!). Now that you have decided this, the next thing you should do is to make your dog’s day as great as they make yours. Here are a few things you can do:


  • Make them a special dinner
  • Take them to a restaurant
  • Buy them treats with dog safe chocolate (carob)
  • Take them to the dog park
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