Store Spotlight- Suwanee, GA

Just outside of Atlanta, you will find the small town of Suwanee. It is a town of rolling hills and a laid back atmosphere. Our Splash and Dash location here is owned by Sandy Yeung. We wanted to give a spotlight to this store and give you an inside look into the location.

A Look Around the Store

The store sits next to a Publix in a little shopping plaza. From the outside you can see the decals which help to bring attention to the store.


When you walk into the store you will see that there are different stations throughout. To the right there are treats and food for your dog.


To the left you will find toys, shampoos and other supplies your dog may need.


And right in the center is a cute tea party themed place setting for dogs. On the table there are baked goods and behind that more toys for dogs.


There is even a kitty corner near the register where you can pick up all the necessities for your cat.


What Makes The Store Unique

Just as with all our other locations, Suwanee offers a full grooming salon and the signature bath membership. As you can see the store also has a wide assortment of products for pets. What makes this store unique, aside from the staff here, is this book.


This book was written by one of her customers who is a pediatrician. It is based on their Saint Bernard named Sheba. It is an adorable book that is perfect for younger children learning about bringing a dog into their home.


Their Involvement in the Community

The store is also very involved in the community. They sponsor a local swim team and even helped sponsor a 5k a few months back. Sandy’s goal is to get involved in the community as much as she can.  She would love to host an adoption event or other events at the store. If you are in the area and need to pick something up for your pet or they need to be groomed, stop by the store. Sandy will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you get just what you need for your dog.


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