The American Pet Market for Valentine\’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching this weekend, chances are you are thinking about who you want to be your Valentine as well as what you will get them. For many people, this will simply be their pet. There have been a few studies into Valentine’s Day and pets released for this year and here are the findings.


Estimated Spending for Valentine\’s Day

\"shutterstock_110591582__1455210743_22829\"According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are projected to spend $18.9 BILLION on Valentine’s Day this year. Of that number, they estimate that $703 MILLION will be spent on pets. This is not a small figure and one that has been rapidly growing as the pet industry becomes larger and larger. The more people see their pets as family, the more this number grows.


Another thing these studies found was that people will buy an assortment of things for their pet. It could be a comfy new memory foam bed or a sweater with hearts on it. The most common gifts though are toys and treats for pets. According to a survey from Trupanion Pet Insurance, the average person will spend $25 on their pet this Valentine’s day.


If you are planning on buying something for your dog this Valentine’s Day, then you can find the perfect gift at your local Splash and Dash. We offer adorable accessories, deliciously beautiful treats, and much more to make your dog happy. If you’re not sure what to get then we can even help you out!


People Prefer Their Pets Over Their Significant Other\"shutterstock_128131268__1455210780_80058\"

An interesting study released from Trupanion Pet Insurance on the topic of Valentine’s day and pets showed that 47% of the people they surveyed would rather spend the holiday with their pet than with their significant other. This study did not take into account aspects such as the length of the relationship or relationship status of the surveyors but it is interesting none the less. maybe it is because people recognize the unconditional love of their pet and want to give them love in return. Just remember there is nothing wrong with having more than one Valentine.


The Scary Chocolate Trend at Valentine’s Day

\"Featured-Feb-Image-5\"Most pet parents know their dog should not have chocolate as it is toxic to them. However, Trupanion reports that last February alone they received claims for 56 cases of chocolate consumption. This led to more than $20,000 in veterinary bills. Keep in mind that this is only one pet insurance company and some people do not have pet insurance.


It is never OK to give your dog chocolate. If you want them to have the sweets in the spirit of the Valentine’s holiday then the best thing you can do is to give them carob treats, the dog safe alternative to chocolate

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