Giving Back


Keep ‘em Fed by Keepin’ it Simple

Splash and Dash believes that all dogs, in homes and shelters across the world, deserve to fall asleep safe and well fed. We know you feel the same. Like you, we think of our pets as family members deserving of love and care. With your help, we want to extend that care to every dog within your local area and across the country.

So, when you purchase any bag of dog food from one of our local family-owned stores, we’ll donate a full meal to a dog in need at a local shelter of your choice.

How You Can Help

  • Find your nearest Splash and Dash location.
  • Purchase any bag of our natural dog food or ‘Keeping it Simple’ treats.
  • Choose 1 of 3 local animal charities to donate to.
  • Write your name and your chosen charity on the paper provided.
  • Place your ‘Keep ‘em Fed’ doggy bag in the box for the right charity.

Shrink Your Carbon Pawprint

So, you’ve ditched that gas-guzzling suv, installed energy efficient appliances in your home, and started to recycle whenever possible. So, would it surprise you to discover that an average-sized dog has the same carbon impact as driving an SUV 20,000 miles? You’ve already cut back on the carbon consumption for most of your family. Now it’s time to do the same for your favorite family member.

Obviously, we’re not going to stop living with our pups, but we can still help to reduce the impact that our dogs have on the environment. Help us make the pet industry better for the environment by supporting our selection of eco-friendly toys and accessories.

They’re made in the U.S., sourced in the U.S., and built to last with durable recycled bike tubes. Click below to learn more.

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