Bulldog Hates the Bath

This Bulldog Hates Taking Baths

Every pet owner knows the feeling. Every pet knows the word. Bath! For most pets it’s the worst word that can be uttered. They come running when you say other words. Walk. Dinner. Treat. But our pets usually end up running away when we say the B-A-T-H–word. Pet owners around the world share this common and hilarious sentiment.

We all know the struggle of trying to get our dogs in the tub, in the yard, or in the sink for a proper bath. This viral video shows that struggle. The video uploaded by YouTube channel DailyPicksandFlicks who post some really funny stuff. They appropriately titled this 14 second masterpiece, Dog Doesn’t Want to Take a Bath. We here at the pet spa know the feeling.

The pug featured in this video is a cute little guy named Doughnut. It is time for Doughnuts bath, and he is not happy about that. The video shows his owner drag him by the front limbs across the yard to where the evil hose is waiting. Doughnut drags his whole body making it as hard on his owner as he can. An “lol” doesn’t quite cut seeing this one! Watch for yourself and we hope you enjoy!

If you know the feeling, and don’t want to go through this absurd experience, let the professional pet groomers do it for you.

They’ll do it with excellence, and they’ll do it with love.

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