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4 DIY Halloween Costumes for your Dog!

Don\’t limit your Halloween crafting just to your human family members. Get all members involved, including your fur babies. We\’ve compiled a list of super creative DIY dog costumes to try out on four-legged friends of all sizes.

Just be sure to start desensitizing your dog to wearing articles of clothing and accessories prior to Halloween if you want them to wear the outfit for a longer period of time. Otherwise, put the costume on and snap a photo before the dog rips it off.


Harry Potter

Harry Potter fans have found dozens of ways to transform their pooches into their favorite Wizarding characters, and the results are beyond cute. You can repurpose scarves and glasses you own, or you can make glasses using pipe cleaners.

Materials needed:

Colored scarf (depending on which house)

Pipe cleaners (mold into glasses)



This Halloween costume is super easy to recreate using cardboard, a Starbucks logo, and a to-go coffee lid as the hat. If you have a different local coffee shop you prefer, just swap out the logo. This is a very easy and very cute costume to do!

Materials needed:

Plastic coffee cup lid

Cardboard cutout with Starbucks logo design



Depending on your superhero of choice, this costume idea can go a number of ways. Two essentials are a felt mask and a cape. This black ensemble works well for a rendition of Batman. This type of look is great for golden retrievers or yellow labs, perfect to get into the Halloween spirit with a black mask and cape!

Materials needed:

Cloth (color depending on design)


Superpowers (just kidding)



If you like knitting, consider giving this dog costume a try. This get-up looks especially believable and cute on lighter toned dogs. All you need to complete the lion\’s mane is some medium weight yarn, circular knitting needles, and a crochet hook.

Materials needed:


Knitting needles

Crochet hook

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