What you need to know about CoronaVirus (COVID-19) and Your Dog

It’s not uncommon for dog parents to be stopped during outings by others who want to admire and pet your pup. Usually, this is no concern and a great way to socialize your dog. With all the recent fear surrounding COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus, pet parents may want to put a limit on how many contacts our fur babies have with strangers.

Even though the chance of a K9 catching COVID-19 is rare, with only one reported case in Hong Kong to date – the true concern still lies with human health. Although pets cannot easily catch the coronavirus, it does live on objects and surfaces and is transmitted through contact. Therefore, if a stranger came in contact with COVID-19, it\’s reasonable to assume they could pass the virus onto a dog’s coat, collar, or leash and then become passed onto the next point of contact. 

We completely understand that our dogs are our family and it is common for them to climb on furniture, cuddle with us, and sleep in our beds. With that said, it\’s understandable to be concerned.

Because it’s not reasonable nor fair to keep pets inside all day. It now becomes a matter of adjusting a dog’s hygiene, similarly to the way we humans are stockpiling hand sanitizer and avoiding handshakes. 

Quick Tips for Dog Hygiene at Home

  1. Use scent-free baby wipes to clean paws, coats, and snouts after walks. 
  2. Invest in a pair of boots (if your furbaby will wear them). 
  3. Wash any pet clothing, dog collars, and leashes more frequently.
  4. Implement a tidy-up routine between regular bathing and grooming appointments. 
  5. Be cautious when asking to pet other dogs — and having others bombard yours.
  6. Lessen days out with your dog to public places where masses of humans congregate.
  7. Keep hand sanitizer out of reach from your dog. High levels of alcohol can be extremely dangerous to their health. 

The most important thing we have to echo is that there are no proven cases of dogs transmitting the virus to people. Don\’t panic just be precautious. 

At Splash and Dash, the safety and wellbeing of your dogs is our business and we can assure you that we are taking preventative measures within each of our locations:

  • We are committed to disinfecting every surface our employees, customers, and puppy patrons come into contact with.
  • All employees have been informed and instructed to follow CDC recommendations.
  • Our support center is providing additional cleaning supplies to all locations.
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