Dachshund Versus Banana

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No Pet Spa is Complete Without A Snack Afterward

There are some videos that transcend cuteness. The footage captured within the few precious minutes of filming are so compellingly adorable that even we at the pet spa feel compelled to rush home and pet our own dogs. This video is one such piece of elation that we have to share it with you.

The video is titled, \”Dog vs. Banana\” and was uploaded by YouTube channel RM Videos. At the time of writing, \”Dog vs. Banana\” is floating at about 51,000 views, but this pet spa alone has watched it dozens of times so we\’re pretty confident it is going to go viral. This little wiener dog is going to be a star!

It\’s a pretty simple premise really. A dachshund is lying on his back, most likely after a recent visit to the pet spa for a grooming, judging by the angelic and golden composure of the doggie\’s coat, and eating a banana—like a human. The dog is holding the banana like a human. In between his paws, like a frickin\’ human. Groundbreaking work.

Watch carefully as the dog\’s method of banana consumption is expertly crafted and concisely executed. All the pet spa experts are in concurrence on this pup\’s form. The banana never stood a chance. Neither did we. It is just too cute.

All joking aside we, at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique, hope you like the video and encourage pet parents to keep filming their furr-babies to capture beautiful moments like this one.

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