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Pet Care Dog TV; Does it really work?

Back in 2012, the first television network designed for solely dog\’s entertainment launched. It had huge success in a trial market in San Diego and was even used by human shelters in as a therapeutic pet care method to calm down anxious dogs. It is now available all major streaming platforms, it\’s called DOGTV.

The channels on DOGTV are scientifically based off 60 studies of pet care behavior into three segments: stimulation, relaxation, and exposure. The programs are color-adjusted for a dog’s preferable aesthetic, around 6 minutes in length which caters to the attention span of a dog, and uses visuals that expose a dog to various scenery they might encounter in real-life.

The video posted above is a stimulation video. Stimulation segments of DOGTV aid in pet care by keeping a dog’s mind occupied while you are away from home by encouraging movement and playfulness while exposure focuses on conditioning dogs to foreign stimuli, and relaxation reduces stress with soothing music and visuals. This is experimental pet care, but the Human Society has suggested using DOGTV as a supplemental therapy.

The real question is can this short segment hold your dog’s attention?

We at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique thought we would provide you with the video so you could test it out yourselves. The video above is footage of a dog walk on a pier. It begins with a dog being walked by his owner and gradually transitions into closeups of other dogs walking along the pier rocks.

Aside from the upbeat music, there are audio clips or sounds similar to squeaker toys and human praise. If your dog seems to take interest this could be a possible pet care product you might be interested in. I used to leave animal planet on for my dog and have also played pet care soothing music for her when I am on an extended leave from the house. It seems to work, although admittedly my dog has never had any owner separation anxiety and has a usual calm temperament.

Give it a try, see if it works for your dog!

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