$60 Billion in U.S. Expenditures Prompts Two Industries to Launch into Pet Business

The secret, it seems is out.

With 2015\’s fiscal year for the pet industry expenditures ending at $60.28 billion, and this fiscal year expected to end with two billion dollars in growth, many industries are capitalizing on the market openings.

The most notable and prestigious is John F. Kennedy International Airport\’s ARK at JFK. The ARK facilitates pre and post-travel conveniences for animals in their own climate-controlled terminal. Animal care includes veterinary services and dog grooming for the comfort of both humans and their pets.

Animals are transported from plane to terminal in safe and stress-free ARK transport vehicles. No animal at ARK will wait in a storage area or warehouse. Once in the terminal, animals receive immediate veterinary care processes developed under guidance from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

The Ark does it all. From dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, livestock and even birds with the new addition of their aviary, any pet owner can take advantage of the environment designed solely for animal client amenities.

The ARK is as much about safety as it is about luxury with a state-of-the-art facility and expertly qualified staff.

However, JFK is not the only new accommodation for pets from a luxury-aligned business. The wine industry has also set their sights on animals. Two producers of animal-friendly \’wine\’ are now available to consumers. Wine tastings featuring a cat-nip laced formula like Apollo Peak’s Pinot Meow or Pet Winery’s Purrgandy.

Dogs are also invited to the party with  Dog Perignon or CharDognay created by the same manufacturers.

As pet parents are more and more willing to provide the most over-the-top products and services for their pets, it\’s apparent companies will continue to oblige them.

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