Media Mogul Ellen DeGeneres Enters Pet Industry Arena

Ellen has been one of America\’s most favorite sweethearts since first appearing on her own sitcom back in 1984. Since then, she has climbed the ladder of stardom as a comedian, actress, and producer. She now, of course, hosts her own syndicated talk show—The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

But that is not all Ellen is doing.

The talk show star recently launched her own line of pet products called ED by Ellen last month. The line features products ranging from dog beds to clothing with hand-drawn art done from Ellen herself. It is no secret Ellen is a pet lover, owning three cats and three dogs with her wife, Portia DeRossi.

She currently has a three-year deal with Petsmart and customers can expect to see items on shelves now. The design of each product features little slices of Ellen\’s personality. Bold bright American colors, avowals of warm sentiments, nautical patterns, and racing stripes are all design patterns of various products in the Ed line.

In 2016, the pet industry broke records in revenue at $62 billion, according to American Pet Products Association. This makes Ellen\’s move to gravitate toward the lucrative pet industry a wise one.

Mrs. DeGeneres is no stranger to making huge business deals and spreading her own brand. She is the number one creator of digital content online with 1.1 billion views across platforms, reports Fox News. Her current show receives 300 million views a month, and she is the most followed T.V. host on Twitter.

Ellen continues to inspire people with laughter, wit, and now contributions to an already booming pet industry.

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