Awesome New Nourish Conditioner Launches Making the Service Available at Every Location!

Beginning in March of this year, Splash and Dash made a company-wide transition to begin using our proprietary conditioner—Nourish. The all-new leave-in deep conditioner replaced all previously approved conditioners and is now the company-wide standard.

The hydrating conditioner is a hypoallergenic, ultra-nourishing, leave-in or rinse out conditioning treatment. Nourish is designed to break through mats, tangles, and eliminate static. A perfect tool for moisturizing and revitalizing the skin and coat!

Reasons to Use Nourish:

  • Added moisture
  • Healthier skin and coat
  • Endures conditioning
  • Retains vitamins
  • Protects during drying
  • Extra protective layer
  • Detangler

Nourish is made with healthy nutrients that help to maintain coat strength so your dog\’s fur stays shiny and strong. The added moisture of Nourish protects from inflammation and other skin irritations. Using leave-in conditioners also helps lengthen the positives of grooming. The treatment help your dog smell great all day—pumping vitamins well after their spa treatment.

Once a dog is done with their bath, the coat begins to lose shine and moisture quickly. When groomers use a leave-in conditioner, the dog\’s coat receives continued conditioning even after the dog leaves Splash and Dash. Leave-in conditioner also helps protect the coat during the drying process. This is especially true for dogs with double coats that have a hard time shaking off water and need extra-toweling or non-heated blow drying. The deep conditioning adds a protective layer to the skin and coat.

So, say goodbye to tangles! After a leave-in deep conditioning with Nourish, your dog will be tangle-free with a silky smooth coat that turns heads everywhere you go.

Give it a try with your dog today, and see the beautifying effects of Nourish yourself!

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