Splash and Dash Expands Into Chicago Market

New Shop Location Signals Great Prospects for Developing the Pet-Friendly Chicago Area

The summer is kicking off huge for us at Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique! Three back-to-back shop openings are keeping the corporate team and soon-to-be shop owners busy and excited. Our latest shop will be opening doors to pet parents in Libertyville-Chicago, IL.

The Chicago shop will follow the Splash and Dash model—both in brand and in familial spirit. Once completed, the location will be owned by the Williams family. Bill, his wife Anne, and their daughter Kathy are the family team who have lived in the Libertyville area for 29 years. Construction is due to begin June 12th with a scheduled soft opening on August 16th!

\”We’re excited to give part of us as a family to share with the community,” said Anne who previously worked in the local school district. Her husband, Bill has worked in corporate jobs across America. Their daughter Kathy bridged the gap between their love of dogs and their next business venture.

Kathy managed a grooming place for five years and will be the one managing the new Splash and Dash shop. “Dogs love her, they really do,” her parents say. \”I haven\’t met one dog that hasn\’t fallen in love with Kathy. She has that natural quality.”

The family picked a favorable place by opening in their hometown. The village sits in a huge dog community with restaurants and businesses alike featuring \”DOGS WELCOME\” signs in windows. Libertyville features an annual event called \’Dog Days of Summer.\’ The event will take place in Cook Park during the Fourth of July festivities. Dog Days centers around Dock Dogs, a Frisbee throwing competition where dogs catch Frisbees before plunging into the water.

Pet-friendly restaurants are far and wide in Libertyville and the greater Chicago area. Gourmet brunch-on-steroids joint, the Egg Harbor Cafe, welcomes both two-legged and four-legged diners, and is not alone in welcoming in Libertyville doggie residents.

Just like the majority of Chicago residents, the Williams family are no strangers to a house full of dogs. “We’ve got 5 dogs at home, all running around with their quirky personalities destroying the house. We have a Cockapoo named Bailey. Vinnie \’Van Gogh\’ he\’s a rescue, who\’s missing one ear. We also have the two mixed breed rescues Ava, and Ryder. It\’s a full house. Full of dogs, and full of love.”

Splash and Dash corporate headquarters extends huge congratulations to all the summer shop openings! And, as always, Live Dirty. Play Clean!

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