#Barkmyvote Campaign aired on Fox & Friends for Dogs to Vote for President

CEO and Founder of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique Interviewed on Fox Morning Show for Bark My Vote Marketing Campaign

Sept. 29 (6;40 a.m. EST) – This Morning, Dan J. Barton appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the merits of the Bark my Vote campaign with For Anchors. The segment aired live, and is available to view on the Fox & Friend\’s website. The Splash and Dash segment featured six dogs, with three anchors interviewing Barton on the street in New York City.\"img_1045\"

Fox anchors joked with Barton, saying \”Is it in Dan Barton, or Bar-kton?\”

After the pun introduction, the interviewers asked how the Bark My Vote challenge began. \”I have a Yorkie at home who loves politics,\” Barton said. \”When we watch the news in the morning, her ears just perk up when there\’s politicians on T.V.. That\’s what started the idea. How cool would it be if they could vote with us?\”

The Bark My Vote campaign works just like the regular voter booth–only with dogs. A mat is placed on the ground with an elephant shaped cookie representing republicans, and a donkey shaped cookie for the democrats.
Whichever cookie the dog picks, casts their ballot for either party. The cookies are all natural, organic, and colored patriotically. The parties are a little different in this political arena. One party, the Re-pup-licans. The other, the Demo-cats.

The polls are open now at www.barkmyvote.com

\"img_1046\"Gus, the pug went straight for the elephant cookie live on air. The pug even went back for more of the cookie, and Fox anchors joked \”He\’s voting twice.\”

Fox anchor asked Barton after the dogs voted,\”Now does the Demo-cat taste like high taxes, and the Re-pup-lican taste like a wall?\”
Barton laughed saying, \”No we wanted to be fair.\”

The segment ended showing the dogs sniffing around the treats as they got ready to #barkmyvote.

To watch the segment click here.

The Fox anchors included Ainsley Earhardt, Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy.


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