Splash and Dash for Dogs: Pet’s Interview with Pet Psychic

Splash and Dash for Dog’s brings you a BuzzFeedBlue video called Pets See a Pet Psychic. The video shows Ellen Lance–a self-proclaimed pet communicator–meeting with a cat and dog to discuss their energy fields. BuzzFeedBlue is a sub channel of BuzzFeed’s YouTube page that posts how-to, DIY, and science related videos. The Science behind Lance’s psychic readings may be questionable, but her results are a little freaky. Lance uses a communication she describes as “moving energy,” where she transmutes energy blocks around animals to perform psychic readings. She also uses flower essences against the pet’s energy field to see what resonates with them around their bodies.

Lance immediately proclaims to a cat owner that her cat does not want to be called “Fatty,” and is able to diagnose crystals in the cat’s kidneys. Lance also is able to prophesize that a Pit Bull Terrier was used as “bait,” and this is why she is wary of other dogs. The video shows Lance communicating with the animals as if she can speak with them like humans.

Splash and Dash for Dog’s doesn’t know whether this psychic is the real deal or not, but she sure seems to get a lot right. Watch this video and find out for yourself.

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