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Why Dogs Love Getting Dirty

Your dog loves to play dirty and you like to live clean. It can seem like a constant battle to keep your dog clean. Dog grooming is a great way to keep them clean and healthy, but for many the cost can be too high to do this on a consistent basis. This is why it is helpful to understand why dogs love being dirty and the best solution for keeping them clean.


The Science of Dirty Dogs

According Dr. Stanley Coren from Psychology Today, the most widely accepted theory is that being dirty is an evolutionary trait from the days before canine \"41c996e9707b5941d04589561042007e\"domestication. The putrid smell of nature supposedly cloaked the dogs from their prey, or at least gave the prey a false sense of security.


A second theory also refers to the times before domestication. It is believed that wild dogs would roll in odorous things in order to tell their pack mates where they’ve been. Their dirty fur served as a smell-based diary. Think of this like Facebook for dogs.


Other theories

  • Use mud to cool off: this theory is mostly based on how other animals, such as elephants, coat themselves in mud to cool off.
  • The scent is actually aesthetically pleasing. We are, after all, different species. It makes sense for dogs to enjoy the smell of something we want to hose down.
  • Dogs simply love to play and getting dirty is just part of this.

The Solution to Dirty Dogs is Dog Grooming

Obviously dog grooming is the best way to handle dirty dogs. While a dirty dog may be adorable, most pet parents just want to snap a picture of their messy pup and then they want the dirt gone.  You can bathe your dogs every day, but it can be hard to find time for this in your busy schedule. Also, bathing your dog on your own can be quite the headache as muddy paws somehow end up on the ceiling.


This is where Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique can help. With the unlimited monthly bath membership you will be able to bring your dog in whenever they are dirty. You pay one monthly rate which is comparable to what you would pay for one dog grooming service from a major retailer. This will give you the ability to keep your dogs looking and smelling great all month long.

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